Dan Summer Garden 1.0.1

Best AFK Thieving xp in the game!

  1. dahnae
    Complete the Sorceress Garden using the 1-click method. This is the most AFK thieving method in game and one of the safest way to reach that skill cape!

    If you have questions/requests, you can join my discord

    Requirements :
    • 65 thieving and Prince Ali Rescue to access the summer garden
    • Have completed the required dialogue to have access to the sorceress garden
    • Stamina potions, beer glass and pestle and mortar in bank or on self
    • Start in Al-Kharid, near shantay pass or in sorceress garden

    Features :
    • Auto-sets the elementals in a way that allows 1-click method
    • Anti-crashing - The bot will hop if the garden is not set properly and another player is detected
    • World sharing - If the world is set properly, the bot will not hop even if another player is there, as long as neither makes a mistake
    • Automatic banking with customisable inventory
    • Very efficient, up to 140k xp/hr

Recent Updates

  1. Dan Summer Garden v1.0.1 Released!