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This bot gives the fastest woodcutting exp in the game by a large margin. Up to 220k xp/hr can be reached.

How to use
  • Start on fossil island
  • You must have grown teaks in the hardwood farm patch (35+ farming required)
  • Must have 35+ woodcutting to chop teaks
  • Must have the required materials + skills for the selected tick manipulation method (select in UI)
  • Must have stamina potions
  • Must have built the fossil island bank to use the banking feature

  • Essentially tick-perfect for the maximum exp rates!
  • Drinks stamina potions to always be running
  • Recharges your infernal axe using dragon axes
  • Banks to get more stamina potions
General Features
  • Customizable Break Handler
  • Customizable AFK handler
  • Automatic stopping after reaching an objective
  • Informative and Easy to use UI
Proggies from an insane botter using this bot for 43 hours straight!

First release
Last update
4.60 star(s) 25 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Dan 1.5t Teak Woodcutter v1.1.5 Released!

    Dan 1.5t Teak Woodcutter updated to v1.1.5.
  2. Dan 1.5t Teak Woodcutter v1.1.4 Released!

    Dan 1.5t Teak Woodcutter updated to v1.1.4.
  3. Dan 1.5t Teak Woodcutter v1.1.3 Released!

    Dan 1.5t Teak Woodcutter updated to v1.1.3.

Latest reviews

bot got me 70-99 in 5 days.. no pet. left bot on for 10-18 hours no breaks. careful using this bot. its in a public hot zone area. every time i check to babysit thruout the day people would ask what im doing etc.. manual reports may trigger a ban. also thinks theres a glitch wit runemate not charging correctly wit this bot
It is working again, babysitting it just to be sure
doesnt work
my character was just standing by the tree, didn't cut it or anything. I tried the trial and didnt work so I tried the premium bot and didnt work either. can I get my .12 back?
Amazing bot! Only thing missing is it's not picking up birds nest and sometimes won't be able to walk back to the bank. Cheers!
Amazing bot - however it's something that I have not had the experience of being able to leave unattended.

- There is a risk that you accept that it's in a high traffic area. Not the fault of the creator.
- Two separate instances the bot had failed to drop the inventory of logs/items and is doing a woox walk woodcut. The prereq's are met but unfortunately with other players already commenting I will likely lose out on this one but it is what it is
- If you are babysitting and can trust the bot it will work great. amazing exp per hour to one of the most numbingly slow skills
This bot is unreal. 205k xphr average, you won't find woodcutting rates like this anywhere else. From one of the slowest 99s to one of the fastest all because of this script. Got 85-99 in 2 weeks botting very modestly (few hrs/day)
Its flawless, perfect script. I run it for an hour sometimes for quick xp. I haven't dared to just let it run for a couple of hours.
Amazing. If you wear a forestry pack with rations in it, you never run out of energy and don't need to use potions or graceful.
Bot runs solid, good xp rates, easy to use.
Only thing it misses is picking up bird nests and banking those, if that would be added, it would be 5/5.