Dorgesh Kaan Rich Chest Thiever 1.1.0

Steals from the Dorgesh Kaan rich chests

  1. michael5555
    • Supports both rich chest locations for 170k xp/h
    • Suuports Oldaks chest
    • Supports gem bag


    • Start within the dorgesh kaan area
    • Bot will automatically grab lockpick and gem bag (if you have one) from the bank. Lockpick is a requirement. Ensure there is one in the bank or inventory already
    • Thieving area - choose from one of the two locations that have chests to thieve from
    • Worldhop method - choose how your player should hop worlds. Both methods contain 'smart' logic. Sequential hop will switch to a random world if you encounter 5 sequential worlds in a row with looted chests. Random hop and sequential hop will not hop to any of the last 10 worlds. Both methods will use skill total levels that are available to the player.
    • Junk list - customise what you want to drop by using a comma separated list of CASE-SENSITIVE items. e.g "Iron bar, Light orb, Uncut jade"