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Performs the iron mining + superheating method for mining + magic + smithing xp. With the price of nature runes at its lowest, this is some great value gp/xp

Supports tome of fire / all fire staves
If you run out of runes it will just default to powermining iron

As simple as starting the bot at your desired 3 rock spot with your pickaxe and optionally natures/fires to perform superheating
First release
Last update
4.71 star(s) 7 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Iron PowerMine & Superheat v1.0.51 Released!

    Iron PowerMine & Superheat updated to v1.0.51.
  2. Iron PowerMine & Superheat v1.0.5 Released!

    Iron PowerMine & Superheat updated to v1.0.5.
  3. Iron PowerMine & Superheat v1.0.4 Released!

    Iron PowerMine & Superheat updated to v1.0.4.

Latest reviews

bot works really well for my UIM, would be even better if there was an option to smith the bars into plate bodies in dwarven mine before dropping/alching
Works perfectly, but I'm not using the superheat option because it uses it in a very weird way. It mines once and superheats right after. 5* if there's an update to make it superheat after full bag to make it less suspicious.
It's quite literally the whole point of the bot. To save ticks, thus increase xp/h
15-74 so far doing pretty good letting it go 16hours a day
1-5 min break time
each 15-45minute
It does random clicks on the rocks anot always at the same place
for a free script I vouch it 100% been
ignore the review below. ive gotten 3 accounts so far from 60-90 mining.. i suicide bot 18-24 hours no breaks.. of course bans are always possible but if u get baned for using this u would get banned using any other mining bot.. only issue with this bot is after 6 hour limit it logs you into a different world and most likely another bot there so u have to babysit cuz if u crash a real player he will report and get banned.. op needs to fix to only stay in the world ur in.. flawless bot.. sadly over 10m xp no pet
Best free mining bot, from 1-91 and still running like a charm, i did 24hours no pause, no breaks enabled, got 1.3m exp and didnt get banned. Well done
works flawlessly, no ban and got me the pet
Thanks mate