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Maniacal Monkey Murderer 1.3.9

Murders many monkeys

  1. michael5555
    This is a dangerous activity. Babysit the bot for 5 minutes to ensure it is working with your setup. Use a runelite profile that doesn't have any plugins enabled to prevent any unforeseen bugs I cannot account for.


    • Finds an empty world if started at the entrance
    • Always attacks the most optimal monkey (3x3 clump) or stacks them all together in one death dot.
    • Supports both chinning and ancients
    • Enables autocast
    • Drinks ranging/magic potions (incl. divine) and uses imbued/saturated heart
    • Resets aggro timer
    • Automatically equips new chinchompas from inventory. i.e start with black chins and move onto red chins when out of black chins
    • Teleports when out of chins/runes/prayer -> supports any teleport tab or royal seed pod
    • Failsafe to teleport, if it does not have a teleport it will run back up to the entrance
    • Drinks energy/super energy/staminas if using stacking method
    • Eats food in the inventory if we need to for divine potions
    • Failsafe bot stoppage if dced or 6h logged with low health (due to divine potion)
    • Setup your equipment and inventory for chinning/bursting/barraging as per the wiki
    • Ensure you have a teleport tab or royal seed pod
    • If using mage, ensure your staff can autocast ancients
    • Start at the entrance to the tunnels or inside the tunnels
    • If you are using the stacking method and wish to loot prayer potions you will need to enable the RM client setting "Direct Input"
    • Stack monkeys mode - will perform the wiki method. Useful if you are chinning to hit a max stack of 12 monkeys. Ancients can only hit 9 units and won't need this setting enabled.
    • Loot prayer pots when out - If we fall below 5 prayer potions it'll start picking up all of the 1 dose potions the monkeys drop. Theoretically you should be able to bring 4 prayer potions of your own, enable this setting and the bot can run forever until we run out of runes/chins. If you are using the stacking method you will need to enable RM client setting "Direct Input"
    • Use defensive autocast - if autocast hasn't been set it'll use defensive mode
    • Attack option - choose if we are chinning or which spell to use
    • Camp coordinate - if we are not using stack monkeys mode, the bot will sit on this coordinate to kill the monkeys and will return here after resetting aggro
    • Accuracy enhance prayer - choose to enable an accuracy prayer like eagle eye
    • Use rapid heal - choose to enable rapid heal so that we can keep pace with the divine potion damage. Alternative to bringing a few pieces of food
    Known bugs:
    • If the bot fails to interact with an item, it may be caused by alt tabbing with the RM wiki plugin enabled. All I can advise is that you use a profile with no plugins enabled and keep input blocking enabled for the keyboard.

Recent Reviews

  1. v420
    Version: 1.3.9
    Does a good job killing the monkeys. Getting a little less xp/hr than manual but it's not major. It's a little inefficient with prayer usage if not using the dbone neck/bonecrusher method (it'll leave rigour on when resetting) but overall a good script.
  2. Levixlush
    Version: 1.3.4
    Bot is flawless! 99 ranged already over several days, working on magic currently. Best part is I'm 90 mage, so I was concerned trying to boost with divine pots to barrage, bot failed a cast after first dose wore off, repotted, set barrage as skill again, and continued on! Perfect!
  3. VexVexVex
    Version: 1.3.4
    99 magic and 99 range + 99 hp done in 5 days with this script! I believe the tunnels are instanced or some degree so might mean less chance of a ban similar to nmz in respects. a few little issues but for the price its amazing. excellent bot.
  4. CantQuitCigs
    Version: 1.3.4
    Amazing bot does as intended
  5. MissionImpossible14
    Version: 1.3.4
    Bot pretty much has worked flawlessly for me prior version 1.3.4 (only reason im rating 4 stars otherwise would be 5) Got to 96 magic with it no problem no bans. However after new update in 1.3.4 bot seems to be broken have also tried with all runelite plugins disabled fixed mode etc... Bot fails to find teleport item or search for empty world when starting outside cave. When starting inside cave bot seems to work fine and then activiates failsafe sequence as it does not detect teleport item (im using seed pod) from there bot just breaks clicking back on fourth trying to exit and going back to coordinates to start chinning. Hopefully it can get fixed and I can start using again

    Still appreciated for helping me with my 96 mage <3
    1. michael5555
      Author's Response
      This was due to an update on Runescape. The update to the bot had no significant change which could cause this. You have to restart both RM/RL clients after every Runescape game update
  6. S3aiwid
    Version: 1.3.31
    Works very well. Reliable script.
  7. BigChaddyGamer
    Version: 1.3.31
    Oustanding bot + safe! Used this to 99 for one account, working on a second account. If I'm around while running the script I'll switch between stacking/afk method just to be less sussy. It would be nice to see an integrated option, where it will play click intensive for short periods, then afk. check stats. etc. But tbh the bot works fine as is and there doesn't seem to be any issues with bans.
  8. kyz
    Version: 1.3.3
    such a fantastic script. you should be proud of yourself
  9. Z0zzz
    Version: 1.3.2
    Works perfectly
  10. Blackfire223
    Version: 1.3.1
    I have been using this on and off to get my range and mage up and it works flawlessly. Watching the xp come flying in is the best part. Highly recommend!!!