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Mikes Chambers of Xeric Scouter 1.0.5

Customisable CoX Scouter

  1. michael5555
    Scouts customisable CoX layouts for you. Once it finds a suitable raid according to your settings, it will send a notification and idle in the raid to prevent logging you out

    Whether you want to sell these layouts on discords such as We Do Raids ranging from 2-3m for VTV to 10-15m for GMS megascales or you just want to find a decent raid for you and your clan, there are two modes of scouting you can use in this bot.

    Whitelist mode
    Use this mode when you want to find an exact raid rotation
    If you are selling scouts this is the mode you will be using. Usually the VTV raids always sell quite quickly for 2-3m depending on your timezone. GMS are usually by request from boosting services and they pay 10-15m so keep an eye out

    Blacklist mode
    Use this mode when you don't really care too much about your rotation, you just don't want to see specific rooms. This is probably the ideal setting for your ironman accounts or your small teams who don't have gear/expertise for specific bosses

    Notification Settings
    When you find a raid you can be notified by a tray notification and/or a discord message via webhook