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Crafts wrath runes for the best possible money per hour (1.5m+/hr) while runecrafting!

  • Pure or Daeyalt essence
  • 95 Runecrafting
  • Mythical cape (Dragon Slayer 2)
  • 67 Magic
  • Lunar magics and lunar spellbook enabled
  • Runes for NPC contact inside the bank (NOT IN A RUNE POUCH)
  • Wraith/Catalytic tiara or binded to your hat of the eye
  • Gear up to start your run. Don't forget your anti fire shield (DFS is better if you have it)
  • Setup your bank with the necessary items in the default tab. This will minimise the time spent banking

  • Start with ess pouches in your inventory before starting the bot.
  • Banking method - if you do not have the required item, it will always default to using myth guild to bank as you should always have the mythical cape
  • Energy restoration method - will attempt to restore your run energy with this if you have the items
  • Food to heal with - heals to full from dragon attacks
  • Use daeyalt essence - if we have any daeyalt essence we will use it instead of pure essence
  • Use shift drop to empty - for users who are not on runelite you can shift empty pouches. If you are on runelite I recommend using the menu entry swapper to change the default left click while in bank to be fill and empty outside of bank
  • Break handler - configure if you would like to take breaks. All breaks are safe and occur at your banking location

  • Achievement cape banking method
First release
Last update
4.44 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Mikes Wrath Rune Runecrafter v1.5.0 Released!

    Mikes Wrath Rune Runecrafter updated to v1.5.0.
  2. Mikes Wrath Rune Runecrafter v1.4.43 Released!

    Mikes Wrath Rune Runecrafter updated to v1.4.43.
  3. Mikes Wrath Rune Runecrafter v1.4.42 Released!

    Mikes Wrath Rune Runecrafter updated to v1.4.42.

Latest reviews

After the recent update that added Direct Input this bot has been insane!
Getting around 2.3m/h and 45k RC now, great job!
Simply excellent.
Cant leave the bot cause at some point when teleport to ver sinhaza it got stuck, cant open the bank . Can add to use teleport house to restore energy?
incredible, you sexy sexy man. all your scripts are the best in the bot store.

Please if you have any spare time in the future consider adding protect melee quick prayer support (for when running past the dragons)

& a desert ammy 4 teleport setting (to restore run energy, prayer & hp) <3
Prot from melee actually exists. I only enable it in emergencies when we are < 30 hp. Desert ammy 4 was on a TODO list which I can now actually do that I have elite diaries done
I have been using this on and off over the last few weeks and it is great. Left it running for hours and came back with no deaths and lots of runes. 10/10!
Extremely slow, imprecise clicks, and significant delays between them. The wiki suggests between 7,000 ~ 9,000 runes per hour, but it only achieves 5,000 - 5,500 per hour. It should take a maximum of 45 seconds per trip, but it takes almost 1 minute. I manually did 7,100 per hour. Very inefficient, I don't recommend unless you don't mind receiving less XP and GP
Oh no! Sorry we aren't running tick perfect (which isn't possible botting without DI) on a free bot!
Excellent bot, been running it good 100 hours now. After recent runelite patch when going down the ladder it sometimes walks next to the fountain of Uhld and than backtracks increasing the lap duration slightly.
I've made 2mill+ runes, it's great.
Please add the Max Mythical Cape, so my pouches don't degrade, and it doesn't take an extra slot for the regular cape.
I'll dm you about info for max cape. I don't have one so I don't know how things work with it
Works well! Would love the crafting cape tele method. Would also love if it didn't freeze the client. Actual bot does what it's supposed to do though!
Happy to add craft cape for you, would just need to borrow your account :/
The UI is runemate client related and I can't fix it sadly