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Mmaaikel's Smelter BETA 0.2.14

Smelting for everyone!

  1. Mmaaikel
    Mmaaikel's Smelter


    A new smelting bot for RuneMate! A free to use smelting bot which is still in beta, so it is possible that there are some bugs/errors.

    What does this bot support?
    • Bronze bars
    • Iron bars
    • Silver bars
    • Steel bars
    • Gold bars
    • Mithril bars
    • Adamant bars
    • Rune bars
    • Cannon Balls
    Can it make everything?
    • As far as I know it makes everything, not everything is tested but it should all work.
    Where can I use this bot?
    • Currently, the only locations are Edgeville and Al-Kharid.
    • Do you want another location? Ask me and I will add it!
    Does something not work?
    • Please let me know! I want this bot to fully work and not have any errors.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    • Post them in the discussion :)

Recent Reviews

  1. BetonPunk
    Version: 0.2.14
    not working :/
  2. King AB
    King AB
    Version: 0.2.14
    While it does the job rather well (smelting iron ores). It does not take into account the ring of forging. Another issue is the automatic camera movement, I tried to manually set the camera on both the furnace and the bank, but eventually it automatically changes to its default bot location, and that kinda hinders the process (aka the player makes a random stop between the bank and the furnace, or the mouse misclicks the furnace). It works perfectly fine as long as I keep my eye on it, but that sort of defeats the purpose.
  3. Nirinullz
    Version: 0.2.14
    Banned in no time on 15 year old account. Remove this script from the store.
  4. nayr54326
    Version: 0.2.14
    Really like the bot so far. Started 3 days ago and it seems like jagex does not care at all about bots anymore, so the botlike behaviour is just a small manko. One little thing i wish it would be there is the option to re-/equip the ring of forging when smelting Iron ore, so you don't have to every 140 pieces - otherwise your bot wastes around half of the iron...
  5. DeadlyMeowster
    Version: 0.2.14
    why does it use the bar on the furnace if its just going to fucking click smelt on the furnace a second time. bad bot like behavior to get people banned.
  6. Brandon Ooijevaar
    Brandon Ooijevaar
    Version: 0.2.14
    I have made over 20k bars with this and it has worked flawlessly. Thank you!!!
  7. Randizzle44
    Version: 0.2.14
    Walks to booth, dumps all of my iron ore back into bank... then error codes and and says "No iron ore in bank.(Have over 2k ore sitting in bank, lol)"
  8. chadisrad1
    Version: 0.2.14
    Got my HCIM banned in the first 2 hours /:
    1. Mmaaikel
  9. Lukegatt3
    Version: 0.2.13
    Smelted 7k silver al kahrid, looks good however there is an issue where in some instances it gets stuck between the bank and furnace and you have to move the camera slightly for it to find the furnace again.
  10. CptJingo
    Version: 0.2.12
    good bot but he Always stops in front of the house, Always the same spot