Mmaaikel's Smelter BETA 0.2.11

Smelting for everyone!

  1. Mmaaikel
    Mmaaikel's Smelter


    A new smelting bot for RuneMate! A free to use smelting bot which is still in beta, so it is possible that there are some bugs/errors.

    What does this bot support?
    • Bronze bars
    • Iron bars
    • Silver bars
    • Steel bars
    • Gold bars
    • Mithril bars
    • Adamant bars
    • Rune bars
    • Cannon Balls
    Can it make everything?
    • As far as I know it makes everything, not everything is tested but it should all work.
    Where can I use this bot?
    • Currently, the only locations are Edgeville and Al-Kharid.
    • Do you want another location? Ask me and I will add it!
    Does something not work?
    • Please let me know! I want this bot to fully work and not have any errors.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    • Post them in the discussion :)

Recent Reviews

  1. dream dirty
    dream dirty
    Version: 0.2.11
    bot does what it need to do
  2. Zsolt
    Version: 0.2.11
    it's a great bot. Good job. :) if done smelting, auto go the bank.
  3. ActuallyLegit
    Version: 0.2.11
    Gets the job done with a couple of minor flaws here and there but great free bot
  4. MonkeyMonkey
    Version: 0.2.11
    Keep in mind to ZOOM OUT as far as possible before you run it.
    Besides that runs smoothly and gets the job done.
  5. wolf34553
    Version: 0.2.10
    Works pretty well, a little slow but it gets the job done. I rate it high due to the fact that it works and is free.
  6. lukoss
    Version: 0.2.8
    needs to pick up and equip ring of forging everytime it melts from bank for smelting iron
  7. Kenton Coulter
    Kenton Coulter
    Version: 0.2.8
    Still waiting for improvements, would be willing to pay a premium for flawless usage and an end to the extreme FPS drops after 25 minutes. The potential is there, but please also fix some on the pathing regularities, like landing 1 square from the furnace every time. Thanks, and god speed.
  8. fluffin23
    Version: 0.2.8
    Used to work flawlessly and I used it for hours, but lately after around 15 min or so it starts to lag the client horribly, and then eventually crashes RuneMate and says something about not having enough memory allocated.
    Wish it would be fixed like it used to work, it was one of my fave bots.
    1. Mmaaikel
      Author's Response
      Didn’t change it in a long time but I’ve been working on some improvements
  9. ssssssaaaaa
    Version: 0.2.8
    Was working great!
    But recently after 10-15 minutes run time it causes RuneLite and the OSRS client to lag HEAVILY. as low as 1 fps. It starts out fine but after the 10 minute mark it starts causing the lag, and by minute 15 its unusable and needs to be restarted
    1. Mmaaikel
      Author's Response
      I’ve noticed too, will check it out
  10. Adam Duncan
    Adam Duncan
    Version: 0.2.8
    Does what it says on the box, could be a little faster but honestly acts like a person would thats a casual player