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Muspah Mate 1.2.17

Abolishing the aberration!

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    Slays the Phantom Muspah repeatedly for amazing GP/hr!

    * Perfect prayer
    * Handles all of the boss mechanics with ease
    * Thrall or Freeze support
    * Intuitive inventory management
    * Variety of traversal options (POH teleport, Icy basalt, Ring of shadows)
    * Death walking

    Recommended setups:
    * Armadyl/Zaryte crossbow + enchanted sapphire bolts (smite phase)
    * Ranged equipment for ranged phase
    * Magic equipment (power staff) for melee phase
    * Freezes or Thralls

    * Any crossbow + enchanted sapphire bolts (smite phase)
    * Full crystal + BOWFA for both ranged and melee phase
    * Thralls

Recent Reviews

  1. Trouble256
    Version: 1.2.17
    Bot teleporting leaving loot. Randomly teleporting home after reaching Muspah. Need to make regear after kill.
  2. Balla joe
    Balla joe
    Version: 1.2.17
    Consistently DCs near the end of a kill and then gets stuck in POH. Was able to get 5 kills across 3 hours even with manually getting it unstuck.
  3. letsbottomaxbois
    Version: 1.2.17
    Stands in melee distance the entire fight, doesn't kite or support stamina potions, Not worth the price per/hour at it's current state.
  4. hypeboom
    Version: 1.2.17
    Dcs at the end of kills repeatedly - zero support - fix this
  5. Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher
    Version: 1.2.17
    Update: It has a break handler now and works pretty friggin good. Only problem is when Runemate client decides to crash and die :(
    But other than that works pretty well, I'd suggest running a bofa set up as its pretty easily one of the best ways to go.
  6. battleneo
    Version: 1.2.17
    I ran it for 2 hours and I teleported out right before smite phase everytime despite me having sapphire enchanted bolts. If that is fixed this is 5 stars until then its 2.
  7. stussy798chopper
    Version: 1.2.14
    sadly not worth 20c an hour really need some works bot breaks easily on bofa only mode ends up running around and not hitting the boss.. other then that pretty decent only method ive tried will try again after another update.
  8. Neon Viper
    Neon Viper
    Version: 1.2.14
    Rewriting my review as I realized it is using the step back method to kite which makes sense because when I tried it, it kept smacking me for 15s-20s and when the bot does it, Muspah hits 0s. lol skill issue.
    That being said, things not making it a perfect 5:
    It teleports out when it is out of food and not even close to the hp threshold (usually happens at a phase where Muspah is close to death too)
    I've watched it teleport out and leave loot on the ground when there is no food (thankfully there wasn't a shard because I would cry)
  9. Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher
    Version: 1.2.10
    Excellent script for the most part. Does incredibly well at killing muspah. Prayer switches are actually perfect, so I see why people are concerned. I do believe if you just practice good botting techniques you won't get banned. I've ran this bot for about 3 hours while baby sitting, and I've noticed a few things. One there isn't a break timer in the script (this is my first bot on RM, so I could be wrong), so I think this can be a real negative, but I think it would make this script incredible with it. Second, some times the bot will stand in the wrong spot for the lightning cloud muspah spec attack, taking tons of damage. Seems to have been an anomaly, but it can happen. Additionally, if you're worried about the bot dying, it does an excellent job of teleporting out when out of food and low hp. I highly recommend, and as long as the author keeps improving this bot it will be top tier.
  10. Tyrone3458
    Version: 1.2.10
    Not worth using in my opinion. Takes too much unnecessary damage from stupid things like spikes and walking up to the boss after catching a freeze. The prayer switches on the smite phase seems too obvious and probabbly gonna make you catch a ban quick.

    Besides that i had trouble in settings placing a value of food because the number kept changing random and no option to delete or stop it. Had to press stop and pay once again because of that.