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Muspah Mate 1.2.27

Abolishing the aberration!

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    Slays the Phantom Muspah repeatedly for amazing GP/hr!

    * Perfect prayer
    * Handles all of the boss mechanics with ease
    * Thrall or Freeze support
    * Intuitive inventory management
    * Variety of traversal options (POH teleport, Icy basalt, Ring of shadows)
    * Death walking

    Recommended setups:
    * Armadyl/Zaryte crossbow + enchanted sapphire bolts (smite phase)
    * Ranged equipment for ranged phase
    * Magic equipment (power staff) for melee phase
    * Freezes or Thralls

    * Any crossbow + enchanted sapphire bolts (smite phase)
    * Full crystal + BOWFA for both ranged and melee phase
    * Thralls

Recent Reviews

  1. buzzin cousin
    buzzin cousin
    Version: 1.2.27
    Gets a couple kills fine then near the end it starts running into the spikes over and over, no plugins activated except loot tracker. Might not be doing enough damage but I have 93 ranged using diamond (e). I have been pausing and finishing the fight in these cases since there is still ample spots left to stand and shoot.
  2. SamGamgee94
    Version: 1.2.24
    Idk what the issue is. All my settings are correct. My profile has no plugins activated. It's all perfect. I got a few kills. First kill went smoothly and looted fine. Second kill it didn't pick up any of the loot even though I had it set to 0 (to pick up everything), and then the 3rd kill it tele'd mid-final phase for no reason. Not sure what the issue is.
  3. runelitty
    Version: 1.2.23
    You will absolutely not get a single CA completed with this, but you will get some kc
  4. taylor253
    Version: 1.2.23
    Everyone who puts a bad review, doesn't have a profile with all plugins off to let the bot run smooth and perfect. thumbs down to all you brainless people who are giving the creators a hard time. EVERYONE SINGLE BAD REVIEW IS FROM AN IDIOT REFUSING TO FOLLOW RUNEMATE'S UNIVERSAL INSTRUCTIONS (MEANING TURN OFF ALL PLUGINS BEFORE RUNNING THESE BOTS). Shame on you for being that fucking lazy.
  5. Kaido100
    Version: 1.2.22
    bot misses prayer flicks, stands infront of melee phase?? pls fix ill update my review
  6. Unsolved
    Version: 1.2.22
    not bad. wish it supported doing muspah during quest, wish it gave option for bolt switch for after smite phase (need rubys early, but hard to kill with rubys and not diamonds after; sometimes causes fight to drag out too long), and some camera rotation would be nice
  7. schmeg
    Version: 1.2.21
    Almost all of my issues have been fixed.

    Bot has had major issues in the past, and probably will have them in the future.

    But right now, it works really well.
  8. Steveyoooh
    Version: 1.2.18
    Dunno how people are rating this script 1-star, it flawlessly kills muspah getting 3-4 kills per invent even on my 45 defence zerker. Ran it for 100 kills straight with no issues at all.
  9. Herasy
    Version: 1.2.18
    Whatever was attempted to be fixed in 1.2.18 caused the bot to break entirely. Missing prayer flicks, gets hit by corruption every time, stands there and tanks in melee phase..

    On 1.2.17 it was very inconsistent but would at least get maybe 1 kill per trip. Now I'd be lucky to get halfway through the kill without having take over or tele out myself.

    Until the update gets reverted or the bot is entirely rewritten. Don't waste your credit.
    1. Wait
      Author's Response
      There were no functional changes to the bot in this update - just restart both RuneLite and RuneMate and try again on a stable world.
  10. tester123321
    Version: 1.2.17
    I have used this script for over 700 Muspah Kills. It definitely works if you select the options correctly. Would recommend to anyone including irons.