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God Wars Mate 2.5.5

Slays all the God Wars Dungeon bosses!

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    Tick perfect Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak!

    Kills God Wars bosses using various tick-perfect patterns to mitigate damage from the boss.


    1. Ranged or Magic only
      • 4-tick or 5-tick weapons (BOWFA, Crossbows, Shadow etc)
    2. Perfect prayer flicking
    3. Smart inventory management
    4. Finds a free world for kill-count and before entering the boss room
    5. Supports private/ironman instances
    6. Supports Ghommal's hilt 3+
    7. High alchemy
    8. Blood spells vs minions

    • This bot requires very precise timing to execute correctly:
      • Good quality world (use Tick Tracker RL plugin)
      • Reasonable ping
      • Reasonable computer
      • May not be suitable for lower-end systems!
    • Decent Ranged/Magic levels (70+)
    • Decent Defence level (60+)
    • Access to god items

    Recommended setups:

    • Style: BOWFA (4-speed/rapid)
    • Zamorak item
    • Bandos item
    • Regular spell book
    • Blowpipe spec minions
    • Prefer B2P spell instead of tabs

    • Style: BOWFA (4-speed/rapid)
    • Saradomin item
    • Zamorak item
    • Regular spell book
    • Blowpipe spec minions
    • Prefer B2P spell instead of tabs

    • Style: Chinchompas
    • Armadyl item
    • Regular spell book
    • Blowpipe spec minions
    • Bring crossbow for when melee minion dies
    • Prefer B2P spell instead of tabs

    • See Bandos layout with the following changes:
      • No hammer
      • No B2P (doesn't drop bones)
      • 1 Antipoison
      • Bring more food and less boost potions
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bankerman
    Version: 2.5.5
    This bot is incredible. It got me all the difficult combat achievements at every single God Wars boss. It works flawlessly at every boss as long as you aren't running the bot on a potato. If you have low DPS, probably don't try and bot God Wars, go do something else for GP. The bot is incredible.
  2. Bess mil
    Bess mil
    Version: 2.5.5
    Was working pretty good until yesterday , When fighting minions after the boss is down , if the bot does not have enough dps to kill all minions before the boss spawn it lags out and retries to kill the minions after the boss spawns making the whole rotation messed up and ends up dead or tps out after 2 kills.

    Blank profile no plugins installed, it was working perfectly before and i didn't change anything.
  3. x3bills
    Version: 2.5.5
    not sure whats changed. it spent over 7 minutes depositing all items into bank, trying to regear but couldnt because inventory was full already. even though i had everything perfectly set to what it needed. i even tried teleporting to trollheim hoping it would just go, no avail. no idea what the problem is, worked fine last week. now doesnt work at all.
  4. hypeboom
    Version: 2.5.5
    I got sara to work pretty good doesn't really like to loot much as far as barraging the minis leaves pretty much everything on the ground. I'm going for the rares so it's a little bother some not knowing if it will loot the big drops lol maybe its just optimizing for sups hopefully dont get a drop and it leave it sitting there though.
  5. moreannoyinginfo
    Version: 2.5.5
    I attempted to contact the bot owner, on the official runemate website, I attempted to contact the owner on discord, no reply, straight up ignored. The bot charged me multiple times before I could even get the thing working. I requested a refund for the illegitimate charges and never even received a response. I reached out last week.
  6. ShookinKarks
    Version: 2.5.5
    I've tried it today for the first time and was pretty amazed how the boss fight is handled, but for some reason I've died more than i got kills, Its not eating food even when it has less than 30 hp
  7. captaincrac45
    Version: 2.5.4
    Pretty good for the most part.
    2 Main issues.
    -Frequently causes the "withdraw x" menu to get stuck on screen which requires manual intervention to fix. It will not be able to enter the boss instance with this menu stuck on screen,
    -If the bot hops worlds when getting KC, it will not enter your bank pin upon attempting to enter a private instance.
  8. gibecoin
    Version: 2.5.4
    I feel like this needs rework. Only tried for bandos and works there pretty good, most of the time. Sometimes gets confused entering the boss room and just stands still, and I have to manually start the kill for it to pick up. "Perfect" prayers I feel like is too perfect, it never loses a prayer point. Doesn't work with thralls even though it says it supports them. Ok right now but could be so much better.
  9. newfalcon12
    Version: 2.5.4
    Bandos/Zammy seem to be working great. Every few kills the prayers are 1tick late and you take a little bit of chip damage from minions but apart from that everything does what it should! yet to try at Arma/Sara but will update when i do.
  10. grabmysloth
    Version: 2.5.4
    Bot did great at getting kill count. Got first kill on bandos, then the bot froze during its second kill. ended up getting meleed to death. dont trust this bot, very unhuman like too. Would not recommend and would not try again.