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God Wars Mate 2.5.20

Slays all the God Wars Dungeon bosses!

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    Tick perfect Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak!

    Kills God Wars bosses using various tick-perfect patterns to mitigate damage from the boss.


    1. Ranged or Magic only
      • 4-tick or 5-tick weapons (BOWFA, Crossbows, Shadow etc)
    2. Perfect prayer flicking
    3. Smart inventory management
    4. Finds a free world for kill-count and before entering the boss room
    5. Supports private/ironman instances
    6. Supports Ghommal's hilt 3+
    7. High alchemy
    8. Blood spells vs minions

    • This bot requires very precise timing to execute correctly:
      • Good quality world (use Tick Tracker RL plugin)
      • Reasonable ping
      • Reasonable computer
      • May not be suitable for lower-end systems!
    • Decent Ranged/Magic levels (70+)
    • Decent Defence level (60+)
    • Access to god items

    Recommended setups:

    • Style: BOWFA (4-speed/rapid)
    • Zamorak item
    • Bandos item
    • Regular spell book
    • Blowpipe spec minions
    • Prefer B2P spell instead of tabs

    • Style: BOWFA (4-speed/rapid)
    • Saradomin item
    • Zamorak item
    • Regular spell book
    • Blowpipe spec minions
    • Prefer B2P spell instead of tabs

    • Style: Chinchompas
    • Armadyl item
    • Regular spell book
    • Blowpipe spec minions
    • Bring crossbow for when melee minion dies
    • Prefer B2P spell instead of tabs

    • See Bandos layout with the following changes:
      • No hammer
      • No B2P (doesn't drop bones)
      • 1 Antipoison
      • Bring more food and less boost potions

Recent Reviews

  1. 3 stoops
    3 stoops
    Version: 2.5.20
    Bot was working perfectly at sara for a day or 2... now its perma stuck at "restock| teleporting home" and after it teleports home it just continues trying to cast it cause the bot to break... any suggestions? Stopped and restarted the bot multiple times still not working
  2. Diegos
    Version: 2.5.20
    Kept breaking on me, only got 1KC. Had to restart it. Can I get some credit back?
  3. 24man30
    Version: 2.5.20
    Works great at least for Sara and Bandos (haven't tried Zam or Arma), uses private instances, rarely dies. I wish it worked with Lava & Mist runes.
  4. KingKong420
    Version: 2.5.20
    Holy meatballs, sara and bandos working perefct. bowfa slaps. worth it just for the combat achivements.
  5. Wayners III
    Wayners III
    Version: 2.5.20
    Obviously, the boss isn't working right at Kril. After a dozen attempts of recalibrating the setup and removing all plugins to allow the bot the best odds of working, the best it did was run while flicking and not attacking. Using the BOWFA method as an iron w/ ancients. Now waiting to hear reports that whatever bug is causing issues is resolved. Would love to grab a zspear soon, willing to try again once fixed. Definitely not a Cuppa bot hahaha also why are you charging a premium??
  6. lolez
    Version: 2.5.17
  7. Roid plug
    Roid plug
    Version: 2.5.17
    bandos wouldnt work for me not sure what im doing wrong but i copied the loadout and inv and it wouldnt get me a single kill. died multiple times and charged me .40 would like a refund please
  8. fatduck
    Version: 2.5.17
    worked fine in the past but since im getting a new char ready its a no go.

    setting this up for an ironman is a nightmare, it doesnt pick up where u left after a crash. but it takes ur 0.20cents everytime. i would like to see a refund for 0.60 because so far al it does is teleport back to ferox complains it cant teleport and turns off XD... i hoped walking to gwd would help but nope instandly teleports even if u have kc and everything right amount of food and pots. it doesnt care it instantly goes back to the bank to do it on its own....
  9. swoggedy
    Version: 2.5.17
    good whenever it works. However i am asking for a refund since i often had to restart the bot after it suicides at the door after entering boss room, and couldnt navigate after that even with death walk on. I did send logs at discord, and filled refund form a week ago. Would love to try again once we can figure out what was wrong.
  10. Penguin007
    Version: 2.5.17
    great for bandos works extremely well with the correct settings, however i use the lazy method and breaks but the prayer flicks just seem sus to me seems bot like idk