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The Whisperer Mate 1.2.30

Silencing The Whisperer!

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    Fights the Desert Treasure II boss The Whisperer!

    * Supports Awakened variant
    * Perfect prayer
    * Perfect dodging
    * Break handling
    * Banking
    * Several traversal methods (Ring of shadows, POH, Lassar teleport)
    * Death walking

    Setup recommendation:
    * A powered staff is required (Shadow, Sang., Trident etc)
    * Best mage gear you have
    * Venator bow for Soul phase (with arrows)
    * Accursed sceptre special to lower mage defence
    * Rune pouch w/ Ice spells
    * Small amount of food and prayer
    * Awakened variant: Venator bow AND Toxic blowpipe

    * After killing the Awakened variant, the bot will pause.
    * Auto-cast spells are not supported.


Recent Reviews

  1. vnii
    Version: 1.2.30
    Keeps dying on last phase
  2. Bigbob3016
    Version: 1.2.30
    5 Awakened orbs max mage gear died to pillars or would get hit and go down to 30% sanity so would have to tele out would like a refund waste of 30minutes orbs and deaths cost
  3. Sampsutin123
    Version: 1.2.30
    Dunno why, but i keep duying in last phase over and over again even those i have 90s mage and toxic trident and 100% sanity
  4. Zor666
    Version: 1.2.27
    POG plugin, got my 1kc awakened, very easy to setup, worked flawlessly first try THANK YOU! <3
  5. ATL22
    Version: 1.2.26
    Bad reviews are people who cant follow simple instructions and/or have too many plugins activated. Stop eating glue. Read the instructions.
    Anyways, the bot works great. The only thing ive noticed is that the player doesnt keep atacking whispere in between phases. It seems weird the player stays frozen and doesnt attack until whisperer attacks first. Otherwise, it does it's job and a lot of work went in to this high requirement boss. Do the author a favor and give the bot an honest take before giving bad reviews.
  6. baebotter
    Version: 1.2.25
    working for regular whisp, but says it supports awakened, i tested this on awakened but keeps messing up pillars, and ends up dieing to do 0% sanity.
  7. Cheeser
    Version: 1.2.20
    Only use FPS and GPU plugins. Bot works perfectly as it did 2 weeks ago when I last used it. No bans. Don't listen to the make a wish kids who don't know how to follow simple instructions. Make sure ping is lower than 50-60ms and you'll be fine.
  8. Protovoid
    Version: 1.2.20
    doesn't work, stole like 40 cents from me ;/ principal.
  9. Rene Lopez
    Rene Lopez
    Version: 1.2.20
    does not cast ice barrage for some reason
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      Author's Response
      Turn off spell filtering.
  10. Coady2001
    Version: 1.2.20
    everytime i get to the boss it just teleports home
    1. Wait
      Author's Response
      Probably missing something required.