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The Whisperer Mate 1.2.20

Silencing The Whisperer!

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    Fights the Desert Treasure II boss The Whisperer!

    * Supports Awakened variant
    * Perfect prayer
    * Perfect dodging
    * Break handling
    * Banking
    * Several traversal methods (Ring of shadows, POH, Lassar teleport)
    * Death walking

    Setup recommendation:
    * A powered staff is required (Shadow, Sang., Trident etc)
    * Best mage gear you have
    * Venator bow for Soul phase (with arrows)
    * Accursed sceptre special to lower mage defence
    * Rune pouch w/ Ice spells
    * Small amount of food and prayer
    * Awakened variant: Venator bow AND Toxic blowpipe

    * After killing the Awakened variant, the bot will pause.
    * Auto-cast spells are not supported.


Recent Reviews

  1. DetroitMI
    Version: 1.2.20
    Overall its great, misses alot of opportunities to attack. Can babysit and get an extra 8-10 more shadow hits per kill.
  2. HungrigerPanda
    Version: 1.2.20
    Sometimes keeps teleporting to POH and gets stuck
  3. Greengreed
    Version: 1.2.20
    I don't normally rate these bots but this is exceptional. Only caveat is the movement getting to the fight can be a bit janky but it's so minor with how long the bot can keep killing once in the arena.
  4. Blackfire223
    Version: 1.2.20
    Moved on from the trial to the main thing and had no issues. Ran smooth for the few hours I had it going with no hiccups to speak of. Recommend to anyone wanting to smack the Whisperer around.
  5. SaltyAF
    Version: 1.2.20
    Runs well but for very short periods of time in my experience, has an error trying to find trident of the seas upon recharging it as it becomes trident of the seas (full) and it looks for the latter. Needs restarts unfortunately once trident has been emptied but otherwise runs well, just a shame it only runs for around 1-2hrs at most with this particular issue.
  6. Venge
    Version: 1.2.19
    Combat is perfect, prayer point efficient and smooth. The only problem I had was running out of charges on my trident, but a trident recharge feature was added so, no complaints.
  7. fatduck
    Version: 1.2.19
    so iv been running this the last 2 days and its pretty good, but a few things i have noticed, the bot doesnt understand where he is so if u make a manual input correction it will teleport out and run all the way back for no clear reason. but most importantly it teleports out without picking up loot first the priority on this wrong. as example iv lost out on multiple good loots bstaffs d skirts even a orb. when charges are low on your staff and it falls below set trashold to refill he just leaves as soon as the boss is dead. sometimes there is not even a loot apearing but it does stay to finish the boss so why teleport without loot ? :P happend 4 times in a 100 kills now same goes for low on prayer or food, it finishes the kill and insta tabs onces boss is down but with some fine tuning i think u have a great bot here surely beats doing it myself
  8. captaincrac45
    Version: 1.2.16
    Great script! However, it won't fight the awakened version. Just does the regular for me even with the option checked and soul weapon switch set to venator + bp
  9. Tea5321
    Version: 1.2.14
    Runs really well, with perfect mechanics and all although I received a virtus drop and the bot teleported out instead of looting first.
  10. chrishamam
    Version: 1.2.14
    Was working perfectly yesterday, now it doesnt enter shadow realm and just stands attacking the boss... Wasted 3 restarts on the bot, trying different settings. Hope it will be fixed