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Formerly Prime NMZ - a smart, safe, and feature-rich Nightmare Zone bot!

Supports all Prime NMZ features!
First release
Last update
4.27 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. NMZ Mate v1.3.7 Released!

    NMZ Mate updated to v1.3.7.
  2. NMZ Mate v1.3.6 Released!

    NMZ Mate updated to v1.3.6.
  3. NMZ Mate v1.3.5 Released!

    NMZ Mate updated to v1.3.5.

Latest reviews

Pretty insane! Feels very normal when you are using "Lazy mode" 10/10!
Works perfectly!
The prayer section is a little wonky compared to the last bot. Can you put a drop down menu in there so that we can pick what prayers we want it to flick? I've had some issues with it doing the correct one sometimes. The old setup was more fail safe since you actually clicked them.

Plus under the old system I was able to flick 3 prayers at once (piety, meele, and incredible reflexes) and with this one it will only do what is on my quick prayers setup. Big difference in exp/hr. Ty for the work!
Works pretty well to me!
Bot work as intended, sometimes forget to drink prayer but also major issue. no matter what i try the boss selection always auto pick the recommended, i can untick then even when i do and click save it still selects the regular recommended bosses "possible bug"
works great, people are just dumb
(update): doesn't use prayer potions when doing pts/hr methods you have to babysit it currently.

otherwise works fine, done melee and range the last few days on overload/absorption with 0 issues
Works great. Have been using this bot for a few days now without issues.
It works very well, it can run it for hours.
Only problem: it trys to take overloads from bank and log off eventually.

Solution for my, i bought overloads etc. and put in bank.
Requires babysitting. Will work for few hours in row flawlessly then without any changes will start running back and forth from the dream, spending all the coffer coins and runs around like a bot in the NMZ lobby area.