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Noble Abyss RC Lite 2.1.6

Into the abyss.

  1. LilStanky
    Craft runes in the abyss.

    • Have Direct Input enabled in Runemate Settings
    • Have a pickaxe in your inventory (or bank) make sure to select the correct pickaxe that you'll be using and that you have the level required to wield it. (The bot will automaticly choose between mining rocks, or passing through gap as an obstacle)
    • Have plenty of ring of duelings, house tabs or rune pouch with home teleport runes in the bank
    • If using POH as restoration method, either have a mounted glory or jewelry box with the option to travel to Edgeville
    • Have plenty of your desired essence in the bank
    • Blood essence and colossal pouch are supported
    Please message me if you find any bugs so that they can be fixed in the upcoming updates.