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Noble KBD 2.0.4

Sniff the hell out of King Black Dragon

  1. LilStanky
    * Equipment config
    * Break handler
    * Supports POH restoration
    * Supports combat potions
    * Supports Piety/Rigour

    If you encounter any bugs or have feedback feel free to reach me out in the Noble Discord server:
    Join the BB & Noble Bots Discord Server!

    Bot is supposed to be 1 tile away from KBD (melee range) for max efficiency.

Recent Reviews

  1. Gipfelbanane
    Version: 2.0.4
    Most Things works good. It needs its time to get to the kbd but thats Not that Bad. The reason for 4 Stars is, that He steps under the Dragon instead of attacking or Just walks a Bit inside the room while He gets attacked.
    Would be nice to have a Feature which lets the bot ignore loot under a specific value.
    1. LilStanky
      Author's Response
      Hi, it's walking under KBD to get the perfect melee range spot as this is more efficient.

      Thanks for your feedback, I'll definitely add the ignore loot under x in the next update along with some logic improvements!