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Noble Thermy 1.0.0

The thermy terminator

  1. LilStanky
    Uses the flinching melee method to kill thermy
    Start the bot at castle wars bank

    - POH With restoration pool
    - Jewelry box with Castle wars teleport
    - Melee gear (only supported gear right now, will add mage in future updates)
    - House tabs in bank
    - if alching disable alch notification for high amounts
    - if alching have alot of nature and fire runes in bank
    - Start with your melee gear equipped

    Future updates:
    - Option to choose between normal melee and flinching
    - Better flinching algorithm
    - Mage gear support
    - Dueling ring support (Ferox castle wars)
    - Special attack support
    - POH fairy ring support