Prime NMZ 3.9.2

The dreamiest way to 126!

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    Prime NMZ - The Premium Nightmare Zone Solution

    The latest in the series of advanced, intelligent Nightmare Zone bots brings you even more features and rigidity than any Nightmare Zone bot currently on the market.

    Prime NMZ offers everything you could possibly want from a Premium Nightmare Zone bot: stability, customization, accurate statistical tracking and a huge number of features!

    With reasonable pricing of approximately $15 for a 99 melee, you'll be max combat in no time!

    Full feature list
    • Multi-dream support - Hard and normal, standard or customizable
    • Multi-method approach - Prayer, Absorption and rock cake or any combination of the two!
    • Boss customization - Supports numerous bosses, and will select them for you!
    • Overloads - Use with either method to boost your xp/hr!
    • Special Attack - Multiple equipment setups with highly interactive UI.
    • Power Surge - Use the Power Surge buff to maximize your xp gain.
    • Prayer - Supports the highest level stat boosting prayer you can use, along with quick prayers.
    • Rapid heal flicking - Keep your HP at 1 without having to rock cake.
    • Full rock cake support - Smart detection always picks the best time to use rock cake.
    • PlayerSense - Creates distinct player profiles to build up a play style for your specific character!
    • Intelligent anti-ban - Along-side PlayerSense, Prime NMZ will perform numerous minute tasks to reduce any risk of you being banned!
    • Potion customization - Take any combination of Prayer, Overload or Absorption potions!
    • Early exit - Will detect when it's time to leave, such a Barrow's gear breaking or running out of overloads.
    • Barrows repair - Will teleport to Lumbridge to repair your gear!
    Prime API Features
    • Clean and interactive user interface - Utilizes JavaFX to it's full extent to bring you an incredibly pleasant experience.
    • Break handling - interactive and highly customisable break handler.
    • Care for quality - you won't find another team of authors that cares for your experience more than us.
    • Lite - lite versions of our bots will be made available, so you can try before you buy!

Recent Reviews

  1. hardly
    Version: 3.9.2
    Won't store P Pots that have (3) doses left and freezes, failing and wasting time that we pay to use it.. Other than that it's golden. Works awesome, thanks for putting the time into making it.
  2. teuno
    Version: 3.9.2
    ''2 problems i have with the bot: I have to manually put on quick prayers on the beginning of a run, the bot wont activate it itself. The second one is that when i run out of ovl, pray pots or absorption and the run ends, the bot doesnt bank/store the (3) or less dosed pots, and cant take the pots its supposed to start the round with sometimes. If these problems are would be fixed i would rate 5/5.
    The problem with the potions goes only for the prayer pots, it works fine with the ovl and absorption.
  3. sirwishless
    Version: 3.9.2
    Excellent bot, can you add an option 'Exit when out of scales/darts' (I only do nmz for range) & Maybe: buy / refill blowpipe
  4. Jaakkol
    Version: 3.9.2
    Awesome. Got my main maxed without worries, will use more on my other accounts. Safest way to bot on OSRS for sure.
  5. Hectors Rectum
    Hectors Rectum
    Version: 3.9.2
    Absolutely love this script. So far it has gotten me 80 to 90 Defence, 80 to 90 Ranged, and 85 to 90 Constitution. This script is going to get me 126 combat. Another beautiful script by Prime. Keep up the good work lads.
  6. 1v1 m3 m4t3
    1v1 m3 m4t3
    Version: 3.9.2
    Best script out there have used it for many hours and got two 99's from it, however last night at some point the bot entered a nmz without any armour on this has never happened before and i have used this bot for over 60 hours often 7+ at a time so not sure why this happened. This is obviously a problem as i have spent credit on something that has not worked properly. Other than that amazing bot. :)
  7. Mega bot
    Mega bot
    Version: 3.9.2
    Flawless, Used for 15 hours or so and best bot I have ever used
  8. MyNi66a
    Version: 3.9.0
  9. TheRealMarty
    Version: 3.9.0
    Great product but I laughed when i woke up to check on my stats and such and the bot purchased a potato cactus
    1. Party
      Author's Response
      Uh oh, wonder how that happened! Glad you're having some success with it anyway.
  10. A Walrus
    A Walrus
    Version: 3.9.0
    Been using this script for a couple hours now, i am in love with it. Very sophisticated script, runs well and very customizable!