Prime NMZ 4.4.6

Zzzz... Max combat!?

  1. Party
    Prime NMZ is the most advanced NMZ bot on the market, boasting a plethora of features to carry your account into the next world.

    Feature List:
    • Dream and Boss selection.
    • Intelligent Rock Cake & Rapid Heal support.
    • Protect from Melee support.
    • Highly configurable Melee & Ranged support.
    • Intelligent Special Attack usage.
    • Auto-cast any standard spell.
    • Advanced equipment configuration.
    • All Nightmare Zone potions.
    • Purchasing Nightmare Zone Potions.
    • Power Surge detection and usage.
    • Blowpipe restocking when out of darts/scales.
    • Coffer restocking when out of gold.
    • Barrows repair.
    • Intelligent banking algorithm.
    • Highly configurable Prayer support incl. quick-prayer configuration.
    • Auto-retaliate detection.
    • Thousands of human-like behaviours.
    • Any many more quality features that you'd expect from a Prime bot.
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Recent Reviews

  1. laurenssie
    Version: 4.4.6
    Not too happy, got a temporary ban after ~2 days (wasn't botting non-stop either).
  2. LiamArcher
    Version: 4.4.6
    would of been 3 or 4 star however, when using blowpipe even tho there are 2k+ scales and darts in the blowpipe, it starts looking through my bank for more and stops the bot... only works with a blowpipe if i have more than 2k scales.....!?
  3. Taters
    Version: 4.4.6
    Was working fine the last few weeks and now all of a sudden it played for about 3 hours then sat for 9 hours running up my time. I would really love a refund because that's just not right
  4. Lukegatt3
    Version: 4.4.6
    Great bot, I think breaks can be improved. Timed breaks do not really make sense in this mini game, if for example you would set the timer to break after 3hrs it might stop a new dream at 15 min (a normal player would not do this since you waste the cost for the dream). This could be fixed if an option is added to take X amount of break time after after X amount of dreams. Thanks again.
  5. Plsdontban
    Version: 4.4.6
    Ran runelite over night for the first time, ran nmz on my Med Pker and it got 500k str xp with only 60 attack. The interface once you start the bot reminds you of how xbox looks vs other bots look like and feel like playstation.
  6. peakoe69
    Version: 4.4.6
    Works well, only issue is I don't seem to be able to select my special attack. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but it would be very helpful to know how I'm supposed to do it.
  7. dawid717
    Version: 4.4.6
    Having same issue as previous review with spamming the corner. Will also occasionally run to the opposite side then run back. Also misclicks on the special attack often. I would say it gets off 1/2 if not less of the specs during a Power Surge. Special attack is my biggest complaint because it makes it so that sitting in the corner AFK would equate to about the same xp...
  8. null0x
    Version: 4.4.6
    Works well most of the time, until it starts to fail to walk/traverse the path within NMZ. It will be sitting in the corner already, and the bot will think its not, so it continuously clicks in the corner over and over until you restart the bot. This would likely get your account flagged/banned. I've sent logs to Party.
  9. Achterveld
    Version: 4.4.6

    80 Att
    85 str
    75 def


    99 att
    99 str
    99 def

    Such a perfect bot. if I could I would give it a 10.
  10. Bu1l3tSp0ng3
    Version: 4.4.6
    Awesome bot!! Thanks!