Prime NMZ 4.4.7

Zzzz... Max combat!?

  1. Party
    Prime NMZ is the most advanced NMZ bot on the market, boasting a plethora of features to carry your account into the next world.

    Feature List:
    • Dream and Boss selection.
    • Intelligent Rock Cake & Rapid Heal support.
    • Protect from Melee support.
    • Highly configurable Melee & Ranged support.
    • Intelligent Special Attack usage.
    • Auto-cast any standard spell.
    • Advanced equipment configuration.
    • All Nightmare Zone potions.
    • Purchasing Nightmare Zone Potions.
    • Power Surge detection and usage.
    • Blowpipe restocking when out of darts/scales.
    • Coffer restocking when out of gold.
    • Barrows repair.
    • Intelligent banking algorithm.
    • Highly configurable Prayer support incl. quick-prayer configuration.
    • Auto-retaliate detection.
    • Thousands of human-like behaviours.
    • Any many more quality features that you'd expect from a Prime bot.
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Recent Reviews

  1. DanishTUTGamer
    Version: 4.4.7
    Great bot, but have some problems with the avas bag. Left me over for 8 hours doing nothing. Woke up and saw that it had problems with dropping a steel arrow spawning in the inventory. So i had to reset the bot by using 1 less overload instead. Thereafter the steel arrow just stayed in the inventory. Hope this gets fixed someday. otherwise great bot!
  2. skiced
    Version: 4.4.7
  3. Nicalfie
    Version: 4.4.7
    Great bot, only thing id change is the option to measure your breaks using dreams, so say do 2 dreams, half an hour break. then log out.
  4. MoeFromThe6ix
    Version: 4.4.7
    I would like it if this script supported a Locator Orb and perhaps an option to use Super Combat Potions.
  5. jake07589
    Version: 4.4.7
    Great bot, got to use it for one session before new update broke it. Pathfinding is now broken and bot gets stuck "walking path"
  6. jonnysawyer
    Version: 4.4.7
    Great Bot! FOR NEW USERS: remember that the Shop sells overload(1) and absorption(1) so if you need 8 pots you need to buy 32 Pot(1)'s and for 14 absorptions, 56 Pot(1)'s ... once i realized this the script worked flawlessly without spamming the barrels
  7. xkoibitomatt
    Version: 4.4.7
    script works well! it's just slightly slow on using the rock cake at 2+ hp, and withdrawing overloads/absorptions is a little slow as well. it would also be great if you could add the trapped soul boss as an option. overall, good script!
  8. eremenow
    Version: 4.4.7
    A good bot that does all the required functions of NMZ, very well.

    However, the randomness is simply not enough, it never misses a pray flick every minute, which isn't human-like. Especially with the popularity of this script.

    Please allow it to miss an occasional pray flick, and guzzle instead. This is one example of randomisation that will make this script (much) safer to use.
  9. Rapt0r
    Version: 4.4.7
    Awesome bot. Job well done. My only complaints are that it doesn't spec without power surge, even if spec bar is full, and a lack of piety flicking. Other than that. I love it.
  10. ben6660
    Version: 4.4.7
    Why is this not 5 by everyone?
    This is my first time botting osrs with a new character. This thing works flawlessly!
    Been using it for 4 days and no issues at all. Even repairs your Dharok's set.