Prime NMZ 4.4.7

Zzzz... Max combat!?

  1. Party
    Prime NMZ is the most advanced NMZ bot on the market, boasting a plethora of features to carry your account into the next world.

    Feature List:
    • Dream and Boss selection.
    • Intelligent Rock Cake & Rapid Heal support.
    • Protect from Melee support.
    • Highly configurable Melee & Ranged support.
    • Intelligent Special Attack usage.
    • Auto-cast any standard spell.
    • Advanced equipment configuration.
    • All Nightmare Zone potions.
    • Purchasing Nightmare Zone Potions.
    • Power Surge detection and usage.
    • Blowpipe restocking when out of darts/scales.
    • Coffer restocking when out of gold.
    • Barrows repair.
    • Intelligent banking algorithm.
    • Highly configurable Prayer support incl. quick-prayer configuration.
    • Auto-retaliate detection.
    • Thousands of human-like behaviours.
    • Any many more quality features that you'd expect from a Prime bot.

Recent Reviews

  1. OG Fast Pase
    OG Fast Pase
    Version: 4.4.7
    works smooth, no problems at all
  2. folsom
    Version: 4.4.7
    so far my review I have ran the bot for about 20 hours. It seems to be working well for me for what I need it for. I am a pure I bring prayer pots in and use overloads everything seems to work fine. Only thing I would advise is to add human fatigue features in periodically such as running around clicking or moving the camera.

    So far great working bot longest I have ran was 6 hours or so. I do not plan to run the bot longer than 6 hours as I believe it should have some more human features right clicking objects , examining xp / skills and such.
  3. Matt81560
    Version: 4.4.7
    Amazing work, It deserves 5 stars but ever since GIM it is not working properly and needs baby sitting, doesn't pull potions, doesn't flick rapid heal or eat rock cakes properly anymore, please update soon so I can give you this $$$
  4. Halofungus
    Version: 4.4.7
    Nice nice nice
  5. dhunited12
    Version: 4.4.7
    Typically great, but now it's attempting to withdraw a dwarves rock cake from bank and 'failing;' meanwhile the cake is in my inventory. Another suggestion would be to add multiple locations in NMZ. In the corner and right against the exit (back against the wall) minimize xp/h.
  6. El Papalote
    El Papalote
    Version: 4.4.7
    Working great for me so far, no issue. I do not run for more than 2-3 hours.
  7. Tensor
    Version: 4.4.7
    So far it's worked great for me on customized hard rumble. The only issue I've witnessed is using overloads - when the overload is done and your health begins to go back up +50, the bot may use the rock cake first, resulting in the player having much more hp than they should and wasting absorbtions. Maybe a short delay before immediately using the rock cake could help with this. Otherwise, it's great!
  8. daqingrex
    Version: 4.4.7
    Doesn't support combat potions for prayer method.

    Choosing which orbs to collect would be useful for getting more points early on so you can go into absorb method.

    Sips out of different pots each time, would prefer to finish one at a time as this is more human like.

    Functions, but don't feel confident in it.
  9. Vhayul
    Version: 4.4.7
    Works like a charm. Here and there I made some mistakes with my inventory set-up though.
  10. Remington9
    Version: 4.4.7