Prime Woodcutting 1.1.0

Until they stop me, I will keep going.

  1. RobinPC
    Prime Woodcutting


    • Varrock West
      • Tree, Oak
    • Varrock East
      • Tree, Oak, Yew
    • Grand Exchange
      • Tree, Yew
    • Edgeville
      • Tree, Yew
    • Draynor Village
      • Tree, Oak, Willow
    • Lumbridge
      • Tree, Oak
    • Port Sarim
      • Tree, Oak, Yew
    • Port Sarim Jail
      • Tree, Oak, Willow
    • Seers' Village
      • Oak, Maple, Yew, Magic
    • Catherby
      • Tree, Oak, Willow, Yew
    • Ape Atoll
      • Teak
    • Woodcutting Guild
      • Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic, Redwood
    Chop locations can be dynamically added without having to push updates. This means that you don't have to wait multiple days for a location to be added/removed/adjusted.

    • With a few clicks, you can plan out the entire route from level 1 to 99.
    • You can swap and remove activities on the fly with ease.
    • Custom trackers will give you an indication of how far you've progressed through all of your activities. It will show the time, levels and even the amount of logs you still have to chop!
    • Why rely on a broken, unsupported WebPath in other Woodcutting bots, when you can just use Prime Woodcutting? This bot uses a custom web path which makes banking at ton of locations a breeze!
    • The bot will automatically detect the most suitable axe for your account.
    • Humans each have their own unique play-style, and Prime Woodcutting does too. Each account will play a little differently from all of the others, increasing your account's security.

Recent Reviews

  1. nbab3eyhq
    Version: 1.0.12
    How the bot auto drops logs is incredibly un-realistic and is the factor that will come to a catch and a ban. Too random too fast is also a sign of botting.
  2. t bone72
    t bone72
    Version: 1.0.11
    Great bot, I prefer this over other wc bots as it gives you an option to do special attack or not. Just a heads up for everyone: it will NOT let you woodcut past level 99 and it WILL charge once bot is started even though it does not run.
  3. FunkeyFresh
    Version: 1.0.10
    realy good but if u add dragon axe special attack and more random location for yew tree in woodcutting guild it would be 5 stars!
  4. Crayola
    Version: 1.0.3
    This bot worked great, I set target leveling 1-35 at three separate locations. Once goal was met for each location it successfully moved to the next with no issues. Very clean and user friendly UI. Another great bot by RobinPC.
    1. RobinPC
      Author's Response
      Thank you!