Prime Crabber 3.2.0

Holy Crab!

  1. RobinPC
    Prime Crabber


    • Crabclaw Isle
    • Crabclaw Cave
    • Rellekka East
    • Rellekka West
    • Zeah Shore (East, South, West)
    • Port Phasmatys
    • Slepe
    • Fossil Island*
    * If you are using potions/food, make sure you have built the bank on Fossil Island. Read more about it here

    • Hotspot: Use one location to camp on. Typically useful if you want to afk and still gain a great amount of experience!
    • Active: Run around the designated area to kill crabs! Will often lure additional crabs to maximize the experience rates.
    • Has a system in place to prevent the bot from attacking other people's crabs.
    • Automatically prevents the bot from logging out due to inactivity, in the most human way possible.
    • The following potions are currently supported
      • Super attack
      • Super strength
      • Super defence
      • Ranging
      • Super combat
    • Enabling them in the UI is very easy. You can specify which type you want to use.
    • Make sure you have enough of these in your bank, otherwise, the bot will stop!
    • Supports every food type in the game.
    • Intelligent food detection. Prime Crabber will scan your bank and identify the best food, and how much food, to use to optimise gameplay and make life easier for you. Alternatively, specify your own food! The UI has a useful tool which allows you to use any food, not just presets like other bots!
    • Will eat food when a certain threshold is reached. This is all based on PlayerSense values to prevent obvious patterns and create unique ones for each individual player.
    Looting throwables
    • The bot can pick up any throwables you are using by selecting them in the User Interface.
    • If you run out of throwables, no problem! The bot will go to the bank and get new ones, and if you've run out completely, the bot will stop.
    World hopping
    • You have the option to enable world-hopping when you are being crashed by another player, and/or when a cannon is active in your area. Both options are completely optional.

Recent Reviews

  1. ApexKelv
    Version: 3.2.0
    Perfect bot for running rock crabs .. only issue is when the bot goes into traversal mode when the rock crabs stop being aggressive it'll run down and stay there instead of coming back up to continue killing rock crabs. Bot has to be babysitted.
  2. djredix
    Version: 3.2.0
    Been working fine for me have alot of hours in it, never tried any banking though so cant comment on that.
  3. Noobix
    Version: 3.1.14
    Very good. has worked flawlessly for me
  4. jeffychang
    Version: 3.1.14
    takes a minute to get used to but when you figure everything out its a great bot. got me 2million exp without a problem. every 3 hours i take a 5-10min random break
  5. nizub
    Version: 3.1.14
    this bot does what it was intended to do. i just got 99 strength on my main and my brothers iron man account. started out doing a few hour sessions, and eventually would go to bed or work and leave the bot running for 12 hours at a time. as i got closer to 99str i was letting it run for over 24hrs straight with no problems. very satisfied will be using this again when i train melee stats.
  6. broadwaysss
    Version: 3.1.14
    It's just awesome, works like a charm. Cannon support would be amazing tho.
  7. glock 19
    glock 19
    Version: 3.1.14
    Works perfectly.
  8. V1l1s
    Version: 3.1.14
    Everythings flawless except he leaves right click windows example on water for no reason
  9. FireWarlord09
    Version: 3.1.14
    Works well out of the others Ive used
  10. Dirtystrap
    Version: 3.1.14
    In zeah shore south every time someone runs by my player tends to run in like 5 different directions. If you can fix it to where the player would stay put that would be great. Overall, amazing bot except for that one flaw