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This bot uses API provided by Prime, from the Prime API Extensions

Fights any monster and banks.

If you're using banking, make sure to test the path first before leaving it for a few hours! How to do it: Set coordinate of spot, set range, add an npc, and teleport out, simply hit start and see if the bot will get back to the area it self. If it doesn't make sure to post a picture in the thread of where it isn't capable of walking!!

Guide for setting up the bot.
  1. Set your position and attacking range (Required)
  2. Set options to teleport out. (Optional, and requires a teletab in inventory)
  3. If you want to loot, set looting range, i advise to make it equal to attacking range. (Optional)
  4. Set your banking information in Banking tab. (Optional)
  5. Add npc to list. (Required)
    If npc's in area aren't shown, simply click refresh.
  6. Set up your pots of choice (Optional)
  7. Setup your health/emergency teleport. (Optional)
  8. Enable/disable prayers. (Optional)
  9. Add items to alching list. (Optional)
  10. Add items to notepaper list. (Optional, RS3 Only)
  11. Set looting information. (Optional)
  12. Add/save presets. (Optional)
Stronghold of Security
- This dungeon isn't working because Runemate Web doesn't support it. Baby sit the bot if you decide to run a bot in this dungeon.​

Alching (OSRS):
- Make sure to adjust your Alching threshold by right clicking High Alchemy in magic book!!!!​

Consider monster level:

Example, if you want to attack some guard, there might be 2 types of them, 21 and 25 lvl
So just enable the consider level toggle, and below in the field type one of the numbers, for multiple levels you can use separators as "," or ";"

Presets information:
Add button will create a whole new preset based on your input above the button.
Save button, will override current selected profile in the selection box above the save button.
Remove profiles button, will remove current selected profile within the selection box.
Load profile, will automaticly fill all the settings, based on the profile selected in the selection box.

Beware of name contains options in looting/alching. If you want to alch rune items, don't simply type "rune" as this will alch all rune arrows, rune bolts etc. Find a way to enter proper names into the list, example: "Rune p" will alch Rune platebody, Rune platelegs, Rune plateskirt etc. Also this is case sensitive, so for Rune items, you need an R capitalized. Good luck and Figure it out ;)

Experimental features:
- OSRS Special Attack support.

Supported special weapons:

Abyssal bludgeon
Abyssal dagger
Abyssal tentacle
Abyssal whip
Ancient mace
Armadyl crossbow
Armadyl godsword
Bandos godsword
Barrelchest anchor
Bone dagger
Crystal halberd
Dark bow
Dorgeshuun crossbow
Dragon 2h sword
Dragon axe
Dragon battleaxe
Dragon claws
Dragon dagger
Dragon halberd
Dragon longsword
Dragon mace
Dragon pickaxe
Dragon scimitar
Dragon spear
Dragon warhammer
Granite maul
Infernal axe
Infernal pickaxe
Magic comp bow
Magic longbow
Magic shortbow
Magic shortbow (i)
Rod of ivandis
Rune claws
Rune thrownaxe
Saradomin godsword
Saradomin sword
Saradomin's blessed sword
Staff of the dead
Toxic blowpipe
Toxic staff of the dead
Zamorak godsword
Zamorakian hasta
Zamorakian spear​
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 112 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Qve AIOFighter (PRO) v1.1.17.5 Released!

    Qve AIOFighter (PRO) updated to v1.1.17.5.
  2. Qve AIOFighter (PRO) v1.1.17.4 Released!

    Qve AIOFighter (PRO) updated to v1.1.17.4.
  3. Qve AIOFighter (PRO) v1.1.17.3 Released!

    Qve AIOFighter (PRO) updated to v1.1.17.3.

Latest reviews

does whats it supposed to. combat is great, settings are on point besides the inability to drop vials. banking is a bit slow and wont work at all for security stronghold, slayer cave near grand tree (wont walk up stairs to bank) and goes wild in catacombs of kourend when its time to bank and will get your killed but everyhwere else ive been is great. overall good bot, needs updated then it could be excellent.
need to be updated when the bot need to drink potion it stuck
Don't bother
says I used pro but gave no "pro" feature(s) like specific loot when it has a tab for it.
dm me on discord, you prolly misconfigured it
Works surpisingly well, but how do I specifically loot something? For example killing blue dragons, how do I only loot the bones?
Hey, there's a looting tab. Left of the "Item name" there is a input box where u type the name of the item to loot and then u click add
I am so confused why this bot doesn't have more good reviews, i have used this bot to fight everything within OSRS.

I could easy 100 recommend this bot,
Discontinued and somewhat broken. Wont pick up items.
Author hasnt been seen in 18 weeks
Is this discontinued?? Very out of date.
Can't edit my existing review but yeah this needs to be babysit. Often gets stuck running between a bank and fighting spot without grabbing any food. Despreately needs to track item drops for Ironman support (Gets stuck on other players items all the time). Really useful fighting but the looting system has a lot of trouble. Also. Some important flags on the Looting tab seem to have truncated text. Can't even tell what half of them do :(
I have no idea how to set anything up. Would be nice to have some fucking help!