Qve AIOFighter (PRO) 1.1.12

Npc's gotta die.

  1. qverkk
    This bot uses API provided by Prime, from the Prime API Extensions

    Fights any monster and banks.

    If you're using banking, make sure to test the path first before leaving it for a few hours! How to do it: Set coordinate of spot, set range, add an npc, and teleport out, simply hit start and see if the bot will get back to the area it self. If it doesn't make sure to post a picture in the thread of where it isn't capable of walking!!

    Guide for setting up the bot.
    1. Set your position and attacking range (Required)
    2. Set options to teleport out. (Optional, and requires a teletab in inventory)
    3. If you want to loot, set looting range, i advise to make it equal to attacking range. (Optional)
    4. Set your banking information in Banking tab. (Optional)
    5. Add npc to list. (Required)
      If npc's in area aren't shown, simply click refresh.
    6. Set up your pots of choice (Optional)
    7. Setup your health/emergency teleport. (Optional)
    8. Enable/disable prayers. (Optional)
    9. Add items to alching list. (Optional)
    10. Add items to notepaper list. (Optional, RS3 Only)
    11. Set looting information. (Optional)
    12. Add/save presets. (Optional)
    Stronghold of Security
    - This dungeon isn't working because Runemate Web doesn't support it. Baby sit the bot if you decide to run a bot in this dungeon.​

    Alching (OSRS):
    - Make sure to adjust your Alching threshold by right clicking High Alchemy in magic book!!!!​

    Consider monster level:

    Example, if you want to attack some guard, there might be 2 types of them, 21 and 25 lvl
    So just enable the consider level toggle, and below in the field type one of the numbers, for multiple levels you can use separators as "," or ";"

    Presets information:
    Add button will create a whole new preset based on your input above the button.
    Save button, will override current selected profile in the selection box above the save button.
    Remove profiles button, will remove current selected profile within the selection box.
    Load profile, will automaticly fill all the settings, based on the profile selected in the selection box.

    Beware of name contains options in looting/alching. If you want to alch rune items, don't simply type "rune" as this will alch all rune arrows, rune bolts etc. Find a way to enter proper names into the list, example: "Rune p" will alch Rune platebody, Rune platelegs, Rune plateskirt etc. Also this is case sensitive, so for Rune items, you need an R capitalized. Good luck and Figure it out ;)

    Experimental features:
    - OSRS Special Attack support.

    Supported special weapons:

    Abyssal bludgeon
    Abyssal dagger
    Abyssal tentacle
    Abyssal whip
    Ancient mace
    Armadyl crossbow
    Armadyl godsword
    Bandos godsword
    Barrelchest anchor
    Bone dagger
    Crystal halberd
    Dark bow
    Dorgeshuun crossbow
    Dragon 2h sword
    Dragon axe
    Dragon battleaxe
    Dragon claws
    Dragon dagger
    Dragon halberd
    Dragon longsword
    Dragon mace
    Dragon pickaxe
    Dragon scimitar
    Dragon spear
    Dragon warhammer
    Granite maul
    Infernal axe
    Infernal pickaxe
    Magic comp bow
    Magic longbow
    Magic shortbow
    Magic shortbow (i)
    Rod of ivandis
    Rune claws
    Rune thrownaxe
    Saradomin godsword
    Saradomin sword
    Saradomin's blessed sword
    Staff of the dead
    Toxic blowpipe
    Toxic staff of the dead
    Zamorak godsword
    Zamorakian hasta
    Zamorakian spear​
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Recent Reviews

  1. jason123
    Version: 1.1.12
    50 to 60 atk and 50 to 260 str success so far. seems to click quite fast on right click , not so human like but good bot
  2. RuneGreame95
    Version: 1.1.11
    Works perfectly for fighting enemies, eating food, and teleporting out when out of food. If you need these than this will work perfectly for you.

    Not working: RS3 Special Attacks for weapons. I use a Saradomin Godsword, and this bot doesn't support special attacks. It does support Revolution of Combat, but it will only use the same skill over and over again, it will not vary the selections on the attack bar.

    I've used this for about 10 hours total now, on three different days and haven't had any issues with it, and from what i've watched it working it seems very human like. Definitely worth the 10c per hour!
  3. asdadass
    Version: 1.1.11
    Various issues but they are minor. The Safespot option works excellent that is why i love this bot.
  4. wreckembotter
    Version: 1.1.10
    Good so far, but man you really need to add spec attacks for sgs swapping. Other than that not bad.
  5. Bman001
    Version: 1.1.10
    Great bot! the reason for 4/5 stars is looting isnt the best. also maybe add a feature for anti poison pots.
  6. JordyGoneHam
    Version: 1.1.10
    Seems to attack very well. Eats fine. Can't get it to Alch anything and the looting is rough. Sometimes runs around and kills 3-4 things before it will pick it up, that is if it doesn't despawn before it tries...
    1. qverkk
      Author's Response
      There is an option to loot in combat, check that. Also why doesnt it alch?
  7. kevin homes
    kevin homes
    Version: 1.1.10
    I love this bot. works great. I however wonder if you can put in a npc dismisser. when you get those npcs. it never dismisses them. any thoughts?
  8. coolgoo3
    Version: 1.1.9
    This bot is working fairly well for me, but I've run into a few issues. The bot has trouble banking at falador. It sometimes gets stuck outside and tries to click the booth inside, runs in and out of the bank a few times before banking, and sometimes accidentally clicks the deposit box and gets confused. Secondly on looting it sometimes gets stuck saying looting items which hangs the bot until I manually pickup the item, or it disappears on its own. Besides these things this is a really great bot especially when compared to others.
  9. gizmo
    Version: 1.1.8
    love the bot it does everything i would want from a bot only question is if you can add superior monsters while slaying or can you put a monsters name extra with the ones you can add if you refresh the monster page cus now i loose slayer xp when a superior monster appears, but for the rest a real nice bot thank you
  10. panleaf
    Version: 1.1.8
    Love this! Please keep up the good work! The only suggestion would be options to add a delay between targets and perhaps optional side activities (Ex: cutting some logs if you bring a woodcutting axe with you to keep the detection to a minimum.