Smart Agility 0.5.6

Level 80 agility at the click of a button

  1. idc130

    Smart Agility will automatically train your agility from level 1 to level 80 in multiple areas.

    • Currently handles courses: Gnome, Draynor, Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Seers and Pollnivneach (Agility training for more info)
    • Seers teleport
    • Automatic walking to the optimal training area
    • Eats food and drinks potions in inventory
    • Picks up marks
    • PlayerSense fatigue system (breaks get longer and intra-break times get shorter as session progresses.
    • Automatic banking at all rooftop courses (will refill inventory from the nearest bank when inventory is depleted)
    • PlayerSense based anti-ban
    • Very fast
    Long term plan:
    • High alchemy while training
    • Magic Imbue while training
    • Fletching while training
    • Relleka
    • Falador
    • Wilderness
    • Ardougne
    I am very open to suggestions and have a fast turnover time. Please let me know anything that would make your life easier. Also please report any bugs, the bot has been stable for me on each course for many hours. However, we are still in beta.

    (NB: looking to borrow high-level accounts to add Adourgne, no more than one supervised hour of botting required)
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Recent Reviews

  1. battulga
    Version: 0.5.6
    smart agility worked fine but it stops after 1 lap in seers village
  2. dark_sk8er35
    Version: 0.5.6
    worked fine for gnome stronghold but keeps stopping after one trip around draynor village.
  3. patrick elliott
    patrick elliott
    Version: 0.5.6
    works great
  4. Imran kali
    Imran kali
    Version: 0.5.6
    this is great for varrock, some supervision is required
  5. legocollect
    Version: 0.5.6
    seers keeps stopping
  6. demongodx3
    Version: 0.5.6
    very sophisticated, no issues. thank you. You could have the "start" screen not be the default start-up page, though, because I missed the features to stop the bot from walking to AlKharid from Gnome Village, because I didn't uncheck the other agility courses. Otherwise, great bot.
  7. fman007
    Version: 0.5.6
    Needs work but where it works it does well.
    (I babysit and watch shows etc while botting i never bot away from the pc personally)

    This bot works @ gnome and draynor manor flawlessly in terms of course completion. It fails to pickup the grace on roof number 3 at draynor but grabs the others.

    Varrock course fails to go after climbing up and just sits there.
    Looking to see future improvements :D
  8. SnakeOre
    Version: 0.5.6
    Honestly , I always monitor while using scripts regardless of paid or free , and this as a free script is perfect for when im trying to run some farm runs but want to relax in between , i can toss it on and gain passive seers village laps and i have no issues ever , the tp works aswell i suggest finishing diary or it will just use camelot teleport and you will end up using more energy :'3

    Overall solid bot!
  9. prodigyreturned
    Version: 0.5.6
  10. KraKra910
    Version: 0.5.6
    seers course, Pollivneach course just stops after a lap.. can you fix this please. :)