Smart Agility 0.5.5

Level 80 agility at the click of a button

  1. idc130

    Smart Agility will automatically train your agility from level 1 to level 80 in multiple areas.

    • Currently handles courses: Gnome, Draynor, Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Seers and Pollnivneach (Agility training for more info)
    • Seers teleport
    • Automatic walking to the optimal training area
    • Eats food and drinks potions in inventory
    • Picks up marks
    • PlayerSense fatigue system (breaks get longer and intra-break times get shorter as session progresses.
    • Automatic banking at all rooftop courses (will refill inventory from the nearest bank when inventory is depleted)
    • PlayerSense based anti-ban
    • Very fast
    Long term plan:
    • High alchemy while training
    • Magic Imbue while training
    • Fletching while training
    • Relleka
    • Falador
    • Wilderness
    • Ardougne
    I am very open to suggestions and have a fast turnover time. Please let me know anything that would make your life easier. Also please report any bugs, the bot has been stable for me on each course for many hours. However, we are still in beta.

    (NB: looking to borrow high-level accounts to add Adourgne, no more than one supervised hour of botting required)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Angpie
    Version: 0.5.5
    Having only used it for Seers, I can tell its a very strong bot, but Seers needs some tweaking (especially after Kandarin Hard is done- it still auto selects Camelot on the tele). Very close to being a stellar bot- looking forward to the upgrades
  2. ScarfaceTom
    Version: 0.5.5
    Does the job. Keep up the good work!
  3. Kadu Sampaio
    Kadu Sampaio
    Version: 0.5.5
    Seers works well when disable pollvineach course (but need improve camera, sometimes the bot is slow). The seers TP always select to camelot, dont to seers, fix it plz (if the TP is select to go to seers, bot do a right click and select camelot).
  4. WhateverDude
    Version: 0.5.5
    All the courses work great except for the seers village location could use a little improvement with the camera and routing when finishing the lap
  5. icedink
    Version: 0.5.5
    Used this bot a lot, not even taking breaks and never got banned. but seers is really bad atm, you just get stuck after 4 laps and the bot stops working completely
  6. ignaciosie
    Version: 0.5.5
    running for 5 hours and perfect
  7. franco g
    franco g
    Version: 0.5.5
    amazing bot
  8. broekkie21
    Version: 0.5.5
    niceeee work great
  9. belucci77
    Version: 0.5.5
    works amazing!! but please look into the problem at seers :)
  10. pyrimis
    Version: 0.5.5
    Died once, and now only does the course once then stops. Worked great for a while though, I recommend