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Smart Agility 0.5.6

Level 80 agility at the click of a button

  1. idc130

    Smart Agility will automatically train your agility from level 1 to level 80 in multiple areas.

    • Currently handles courses: Gnome, Draynor, Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Seers and Pollnivneach (Agility training for more info)
    • Seers teleport
    • Automatic walking to the optimal training area
    • Eats food and drinks potions in inventory
    • Picks up marks
    • PlayerSense fatigue system (breaks get longer and intra-break times get shorter as session progresses.
    • Automatic banking at all rooftop courses (will refill inventory from the nearest bank when inventory is depleted)
    • PlayerSense based anti-ban
    • Very fast
    Long term plan:
    • High alchemy while training
    • Magic Imbue while training
    • Fletching while training
    • Relleka
    • Falador
    • Wilderness
    • Ardougne
    I am very open to suggestions and have a fast turnover time. Please let me know anything that would make your life easier. Also please report any bugs, the bot has been stable for me on each course for many hours. However, we are still in beta.

    (NB: looking to borrow high-level accounts to add Adourgne, no more than one supervised hour of botting required)

Recent Reviews

  1. dolfje
    Version: 0.5.6
    got banned using this
  2. Tojifushigoro
    Version: 0.5.6
    Worked great up until today, just wouldn't start and also would only do 1 obstacle when you would manually start the course for the bot
  3. MrLG3456
    Version: 0.5.6
    would get stuck on roof tops for no reason, iv had all plug-ins turned, it works really well when it works but asking to be banned when it doesnt work. when its stuck it will also just keep logging back in till your logged out
  4. Zailler
    Version: 0.5.6
    Just started using this script on an old account of mine, with 62 Agi and only 10 magic, worked flawless for 1 lap, but when done with seer's it wanted to teleport to bank, sadly with 10 magic this aint possible. would be nice to have an alternate for running back to the start of seers for ppl with less than 45 agi. i know its easy to get 45 magic but still.
  5. Scotzgeeza
    Version: 0.5.6
    Been solid mostly so far, seers was 100% , Pollnivneach how ever it wont pick up marks of grace , just ignores them .
  6. NLxOSRS
    Version: 0.5.6
    10/10 bot. Easy 92 agility botting 1-1.5 hours a day <3
  7. Zeusdei
    Version: 0.5.6
    I don't get why people complain. I got my account to lvl 73 mainly thanks to your bot. I haven't had any major issues. Thank you so much!
  8. MaleTail
    Version: 0.5.6
    Not every bot has warnings for plugins active. Import the plugin profile or manually remove all your plug ins except GPU and the bot has ZERO issues finding its way after failing obstacles. this is awesome for having a free agility bot!
  9. Ganonu
    Version: 0.5.6
    Works fine, but the Seers teleport always uses the Camelot teleport, even if you have unlocked the diary teleport and configure it to be the left click option.
  10. agilityosrs
    Version: 0.5.6
    been using this bot on and off for 2 years now.. when i first used it, it was flawless. now the bot stops randomly.. so now it has to be babysitted at least from level 1-40. otherwise id give it a 5 star for being free.