SudoWoodcutter 2.1.1

Chop trees like a SuperUser.

  1. proxi
    SudoWoodcutter- Cuts and banks a variety of trees in several locations. DarkScape Support.

    This bot will have several updates applied to it overtime to make it better.
    Expect more Tree types and locations to be supported.

    Please leave any feedback and advice below :)



    General Features:
    • Bird's Nest pickup
    • Bank/Chop in several locations
    • PowerChopping
    • Human-like Anti-Ban
    • More info below...


    - IF RS3:
    --- IF BANKING:
    ------ Start bot with an axe attached to your toolbelt
    ------ Have your player in the tree or bank area that you'd like to chop at
    ------ Select the Tree and Location in GUI
    ------ Press Start

    ------ Start bot with an axe attached to your toolbelt
    ------ Have your player with the tree you'd like to chop around the player
    ------ Select the tree and drop method in the GUI
    ------ Press Start

    - If OSRS
    --- IF BANKING:
    ------ Start Bot withing the tree or bank area
    ------ If you start the bot without an axe equipped or in inventory, the bot will go to your bank and withdraw the highest level axe you can use. If you have the attack level to wield the axe, the bot will equip it.
    ------ Select the Tree and Location in GUI
    ------ Press Start
    ------ Note: In OSRS Banking mode, it is recommended that you have all types of Axes in the bank if you're below level 61. At each milestone level the bot will attempt to go back to the bank and 'upgrade' to the better axe if one is found in the bank.

    ------ Start your bot with an axe in your inventory or wielded
    ------ Have your player with the tree you'd like to chop around the player
    ------ Select the tree and drop method in the GUI
    ------ Press Start

    Please note that I am not perfect. I do not recommend running this bot for an unreasonable amount of time unsupervised. I am not responsible for any bans.

    Use at your own discretion.


    Bank/Tree Locations:
    • Draynor
    • Catherby
    • Varrock
    • Seers
    • G.E.
    • More locations coming soon...

    Trees Supported:
    • Evergreen (Normal Logs)
    • Oak
    • Willow
    • Maple
    • Yew
    • Magic
    • And more to come...

    • Supports various dropping methods...
      • C1D1
        • After every cut, drop the log
        • Cut 1 Drop 1 (C1D1)
      • Random
        • At a random number (1-28) when Inventory count goes above that threshold, it will trigger the drop event
        • The number is reset to another random number after each drop even trigger (#OP)
      • Full Drop
        • Drop even triggered once inventory is full
    • Custom made SudoInventory class
      • Handling dropping logic for an improved and incredibly fast dropping method

    Full OSRS Support:
    • Smart awareness
      • Bot will withdraw highest level axe from bank if not axe is found in inventory or equipped.
      • If axe is in inventory and player has the attack level to wield the axe, the bot will equip the axe
      • If Banking... At Woodcutting level milestones (6, 11, 21, 31, 41, 61) the bot will automatically upgrade to a better axe if the axe is found within the player's bank

    • Random Camera turns with Middle-Mouse click and Keyboard
    • Hover over random NPC within the area
    • Random delays to actions
    • Hover over random and future trees within chopping path
    • Upon level-up, bot will click on the skill as if the user was checking the new unlocks
    • Hover over random game objects within the area
    • Will right click on a random player within the area
    • Will hover over a random player within the area
    • Will hover over skill icon as if a player wanted to know their current XP or XP remaining


    Future Updates:
    • Ivy Support
    • Improved walking
      • Ex. If bank booth is on the screen and we're running towards the bank area, click on the bank booth rather than a coordinate in the area.
    • Task System
      • Queue up Tree type and quantity, and Locations to alter between
      • This feature will be optional

    Feel free to leave comments on features that you would like to see!

    SudoWoodcutter Updates:
    V2.1.1 - 9/1/2016:
    - Updated Catherby bank location to new location after RuneScape update

    V2.1.0 - 7/12/16:
    - Updated and Improved GUI
    - Improved overall logic
    - Added PowerChopping support
    --- "C1D1", "Random Drop", "Full Drop" drop methods are supported
    --- Custom dropping method and logic using a new feature to the SudoAPI, SudoInventory. (it's fast)
    --- Note: Must have axe in inventory is OSRS
    - Added full OSRS support
    --- Automatic Axe Upgrading & Retrieval
    ------ Bot will run to and check the bank at milestone levels (6, 11, 21, 31, 41, 61) for the new hatchet the bot can use
    ------ If bot is started without an Axe and is in Banking mode, the bot will run to the bank and withdraw the highest level axe that can be used

    V2.0.4 - 5/20/16:
    - Now using newest SudoAPI
    - Updated GUI
    - Advanced informative stat tracking
    - Added global gross income tracking (GP and GP/Hour)

    SudoBot Update 5/20/16:
    - Keep a gross income of all items that enter and leave the player's inventory
    - Keeps track of the player's skill stats and informative bot specific stats
    - Now transfer stat information to info GUI in a cleaner way
    - New GUI
    - Stat and Bot information is now displayed through JavaFX TableView (collapsible)
    - Informative stats and values populate in GUI dynamically
    - Current Task and AntiBan Logs now display in ListViews (collapsible)
    - New abstract InfoUIController to handle JavaFX functionality that is consistent between all SudoBots

    V2.0.2 - 5/14/16:
    - Complete Info GUI Rewrite on all SudoBots
    - GUI is expandable with drop-down Titlebars
    - Current Task is now displayed in a ListView (with max count of 20)
    - AntiBan Task is now displayed in a ListView (with max count of 20)
    - Each SudoBot has their corresponding name in an ImageView on the top now.

    V2.0.1 - 5/1/16:
    - Added additional animation support

    V2.0.0 - 4/20/16:
    - Updated for RuneMate Spectre
    - Now using SudoBot, SudoTask, and SudoAPI
    - Optimized overall logic in bot
    - Improved interactions and traversals
    - Updated to new GUI

    v1.0.4 - 11/09/15:
    - Updated interaction method to be more accurate
    - Increased AntiBan timer per request

    v1.0.3 - 10/29/15:
    - Added Force Menu Interaction
    - Modified calculations in Paint
    - Improved logic in onLoop code
    - Anti-Ban improvements
    --- Anti-Ban is now set via timer rather than RNG
    --- Improved detection method of gathering environmental actors and objects

    v1.0.2 - 10/5/15:
    - Added Evergreen support
    - Fixed paint when in DarkScape mode

    v1.0.1 - 10/5/15:
    - Added a fix to an issue within the Java FX GUI
    - Fixed interaction with Maple Trees
    - Added .fxml to bot manifest resources

    v1.0.0 - 10/3/15:
    - Initial push to bot store

    Known Bugs:
    • None!
    • What was your location?
    • What were you chopping?
    • RS3 or DS?
    • Give, in great details, exactly what happened.

    Progress Reports:

Recent Reviews

  1. Elubz
    Version: 2.1.0
    Great for everything else but needs Teaks ASAP
    1. proxi
      Author's Response
      Is this OSRS or RS3? Where are teaks? I can add them real quick <3
  2. UmbrionKnight
    Version: 2.0.4
    Mostly natural movement. An antiban system needs implemented, though, and a working script added to allow it to burn wood. Also, there should be an option to chop all trees one can, according to his wood cutting level. Example: Being able to check to cut Trees, Oaks, and Willows. It could be improved still, so I'll give it a 4. However, it is my current favorite wood cutting script on this site, and one of my favorites when I stack it up against other RS client bots, as well.