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ZMI Altar Runecrafting 1.6.4

ZMI Altar Runecrafting

  1. michael5555
    Does the ZMI altar runecrafting method. Combine this with Daeyalt Essence Miner for some of the best runecrafting xp/h

    • Pure or Daeyalt essence
    • 71 Magic
    • Lunar magics and lunar spellbook enabled
    • Runes for npc contact / ourania teleport
    • Use the world you have the lowest ping on, not necessarily the ourania worlds. The time spent eating in bank is far less then the ping delay filling/emptying pouch
    • Ensure you have set the quick payment rune with the banker. You will have to talk to the banker to do this
    • Setup your rune pouch and ess pouches in your inventory before starting the bot. Your rune pouch ideally contains your bank payment rune, cosmics and astrals. You will most likely always craft a law rune depending on your RC level, so be sure to use the setting that doesn't require you to keep law runes in inventory
    • Equip a dust staff if you have, earth staff if you don't have and your weight reducing gear or GOTR robes
    • Setup your bank with the necessary items in the default tab. This will minimise the time spent banking
    • Remove your rune + ess pouch placeholders and add bank fillers to utilise the bank fillers setting
    • Start the bot
    • Food - top up the health using this food
    • Bank payment rune - what rune are you using as quick payment? It will fill up the rune pouch if we run out and some exist in the bank
    • Protection prayer - allows you to enable prayers to save a bit of food
    • Use daeyalt essence - if we have any daeyalt essence in the bank it will withdraw this over pure essence. It will continue running if out of daeyalt essence and just use pure essence
    • Use laws from crafting - almost everybody should have this enabled. You are almost guaranteed to craft a law rune if your RC level is above 50. See the wiki for rates. If no law is obtained from crafting, it just runs back to the bank instead of teleporting
    • Using bank fillers - Ideally always use this to minimise the time for banking. Clear your placeholders for your rune pouch and ess pouches and add bank fillers. Ensure you have a slot for jugs if you use jug of wine for healing. Bot will add and clear bank fillers (failsafe) as necessary, but it is best for you to set this up yourself before starting the bot
    • Use shift drop to empty - for users who are not on runelite you can shift empty pouches. If you are on runelite I recommend using the menu entry swapper to change the default left click while in bank to be fill and empty outside of bank
    • Use Vile Vigour when possible - for users who have 96 mage for spellbook swap and A Kingdom Divided completed. Will only try to use it if it has the required runes

    Known bugs

Recent Reviews

  1. hasone
    Version: 1.3.6
    Hi Michael,
    have been using lava runecrafter and this also.
    Will you in the near future add the alternative to do DI banking like the alternative in lava runes and include it in ZMI bot? feels alot smoother when its on and i wonder if it will be included in the future
  2. dirtysnagg
    Version: 1.2.7
    great for rc xp, somtimes stuff up doing vile vigour spell then trying to repair ouch on arceus spell book. ty tho
    1. michael5555
      Author's Response
      Ah yes. I see why it is doing that. Fix queued, shouldn't occur in next version
  3. xlostpkerx
    Version: 1.2.7
    Very efficient script with many options, 10/10
  4. zoricus
    Version: 1.2.4
    Works great, approx. 95-98k/hr with col pouch and rc outfit!
  5. OSRS4Basic
    Version: 1.1.7
    does what it says
    Had 1 crash no idea what for but got logged out and bot stopped so cant complain.
    - Long delay when you teleport jsut stands there
    - Having prayer for health regen