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  1. E

    OSRS Is RS better at detecting bots?

    Hey guys, Since Covid-19 broke out I was bored, so I decided to download Runescape again. May 20th I made my OSRS account, made it member and trained some skills. During the day I just played, doing tasks etc. At night I botted Woodcutting. I've botted one night willows in Edgeville and...
  2. lmao3cb

    Unlucky temp ban

    I ran a bot for about 2 hours in the morning then played 6-7 hours legit, and yes I don’t talk to everyone I pass... and of course the one person I don’t reply to is a pmod and I catch a temp ban, okay game? Anyway, this is just saying you can’t be to careful. Idk only a temp ban but GG botting...
  3. N

    Ban Meter?

    A few weeks ago I got 2-Day banned on my main for something stupid and have been playing legit ever since. My question however, is that while I can see when my ban expires (in 11 months), I can't see a ban meter nor any indication that there is one. I know it existed but for the life of me, I...
  4. O

    OSRS Banned after 5H botting.

    I get banned after 5H running MaxiWoodcutter PRO... ps. last time when i botting i used other programs. = NO BAN.. and free bot. now i find this runemate and i buy bot = BAN. its ok this is only game... +ps. never use this program again. </3
  5. american express

    Banned? Read Me First!

    Banned on Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape? Sorry to hear that. We'd love to know more about your ban, so if you do choose to post about your ban, please include the following information in your post: What game mode (OSRS, RS3)? What bots on RuneMate have you used? What other botting...