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    A PC capable of running a bot farm

    I am new on this forum and this is my first post! I am a veteran runescaper and long time botter. Looking to start a bot farm with approximately 20-50 accounts running at any time. Back in the day i was able to get around 8 flax/essence bots running simultaneously with a i7 2700K based...
  2. G

    GigaGPU - Dedicated bot hosting

    GigaGPU specialize in providing powerful GPU servers to gamers, developers, and anyone who needs access to high-quality computing power. Our standard bot hosting offering for Runescape includes the following: All specs are customisable with a range of GPUs available including: RX Vega 8 GT...
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    RS3 Guide to Gold Farming Safely + 24/7 Botting

    [READ THE ENTIRE GUIDE BEFORE STARTING ANYTHING] Before I share this with you guys I want to thank NobleFrenzy for sharing his way of Gold Farming. Setting Up: There's a lot more to gold farming then people think. Back in the day you could bot 24/7 with multiple accounts and not worry about...
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    Ironman [DARKSCAPE] Looking to start a bot farm

    Anyone with experience with this please guide me in the right direction. 1. My budget is 340$ 2. I currently got a proxies provide "Socks5" 3. I need to know which is a good option. I would do linux VPS/DEDI but its a hit and miss with compatibility with runemate. So windows would be the...