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  1. S

    OSRS Junk collector bot?

    Hi can anyone quote me for a bot that accepts trades/cancels trade If trade screen open too long to prevent people wasting time and says in game: "Taking all junk items" "Any unwanted items please" Also after trade complete with items traded to say "Ty" "Thank you" "Tysm"
  2. O

    OSRS Pest control bot request

    Looking for a premium pest control bot that isnt broken. I'm willing to chuck 30$ in support of the development of a functioning pest control bot. Currently the one on the runemate store is no longer updated and is riddled with bugs. I'm a casual botter, I'm sure the bot will become successful...
  3. miltonbrad

    OSRS Warriors guild pizza buyer

    Could I pay someone cash or osrs gold to make a bot that buys pizzas and potatos with cheese from the warrirors guild food shop bank then world hop. it dont need a break handler but needs a gph interface but other then that nothing else is needed for the bot.
  4. T

    OSRS Private Cooking Script For Raw Wild Pies

    Looking for a developer to make a private script for raw wild pies, looking for a unique script with an anti-ban system.
  5. O

    OSRS Simple Ale/Beer Buying and Banking Bot

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to Money Making Method: Here (TLDR, pretty much what happens in the video 0:00- 1:30) Summary: Assuming money is already in inventory, go to the Pub (closest to GE) and talk to bartender until inventory is full with beer. Walk to the closest bank and deposit. Repeat. Stop...
  6. javierd

    RS3 .

  7. F

    OSRS MM2 chinning and bursting

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to wiki: -------------- Summary: Basically want the script to do this . I want to be able to start the script while already inside the caves with the maniacal monkeys . Lure the monkeys all the way to the eastern wall. click between the 2 walls (as seen in the video @...
  8. C

    OSRS Farming bot?

    Can We get a farming bot? One that does rounds and or for the tithe farm? I hate that this is the skill I can't bot.
  9. C

    OSRS BOT REQUEST-quester

    HEY RUNEMATE I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I CONSTANTLY SPEND MONEY FOR YOUR GREAT SCRIPTS. Please please please input a new script for old school runescape QUESTING SCRIPT I know you guys are capable of it and everyone needs these barrows gloves help me out I will pay good money for this
  10. I

    RS3 corp bot?

    i was wondering what all would go into creating a bot to kill the corp beast no more then a kill or 2 depending on food and tele out method to re bank and repeat
  11. C

    OSRS Bot Request - ZULRA

    Can we develop a bot that can do zulra? I am sure who ever can do it will be making lots of money from me alone.
  12. L

    RS3 Varrock tasks bot?

    just think that it would be awesome if someone could make a bot to complete (or help) the player with the varrock tasks to get the armour and boons quicker
  13. D

    RS3 RS3 Construction Bot

    this bot should support all butlers, all planks, and build chairs, larders, doors, and use workshop, study
  14. ingeniuz

    RS3 Dungeoneering Rush Bot

    Hello guys, Is someone able to make a dungeoneering bot that rushes (atleast) first 30 floors? I don't think it would be really hard since it only takes keys and fights.
  15. C

    OSRS * Gem Cutting Bot * Why isn't there one?

    I feel like there should be a gem cutter for OSRS MaxiCrafter only does RS3, can we get a MaxiCrafter for OSRS that cuts Gems?
  16. geashaw

    Bot request template

    In regards of the many bot requests posts we see stating "title title titile" and "pls, need this bad" I decided to place a template with an example for money making with mahogany planks and the balloon transport. Taken from the wiki. Somehow I needed to select a prefix, but this one is for...
  17. aaronstrack

    OSRS OSRS Pie Making Bot

    Making pies, once you have achieved the proper cooking levels can yield some crazy profit. However its quite click intensive and requires quite a bit of attention. So if someone could create a pie making bot, that was be absolutely MAGICAL. Bot developers, please do look into this, I'm sure it...
  18. B

    OSRS Air orb runner bot (payed $$$)

    will pay good money for a bot that can bank from Edgeville run through the underground shortcut and uses obilisk to make air orbs
  19. darkjonny15

    OSRS Questing bot

    Is it possible for someone to make a questing bot that has a few of the easier quests in it? Because, I, myself hate questing.