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  1. braw

    Selling rsgp cheap for BTC [not reseller]

    Selling rsgp for the lowest rates. All the gold i sell has been earned by me in the game, i dont resell gold. Willing to do multiple small trades. Rates and stock changes every day, so just ask me on discord for info. Currently: 1m = 0.54€ Stock: 180m
  2. engelbot

    RS3 [B] RS3 gold

    Hey, I‘m looking to buy up to 1b RS3 gold. I‘m paying 0.085€/m or 0,094$/m, depending on your currency. I had some sucessful transactions in the past, just check my profile :) I‘m paying with Paypal or BTC. BTC rate is 0,08$/m. Looking forward for some offers :) Still looking Still looking
  3. tiamata

    Selling Twitch Prime Subs, Loot & More. Best Price - Fast Delivery.

    Hello guys. Im a seller Twitch Prime subs. Im providing only HQ subs for Twitch. Payout chanse is near 100% if you will take subs from me, and follow my instructions. I can provide you for your resell subs in .txt file, or sub to your own channel. Working with real streamers with bulk orders...
  4. mouzlixulu

    Party petes shop

    Has anyone bought gold to rs3 from partypeteshop.com? If so tell me how it went please, cause i just found 2016 old thread so i dont trust it.
  5. wet rag

    ★ Wet Rag's RM Credit Swap ★

    Please join the following discord. Join the Service Hub Discord Server! Current Rates: 2M = $1
  6. hyperhacks18

    Buying RS3/OSRS accounts any level, 0 gold non member and member

    Hey runemate! I am looking into purchasing a few accounts for a farm project i'm planning to do and it's to sucide on loads of accounts and make a few mill doing it. I have a few things in mind what i'll be doing but I'll be looking into purchasing the following accounts for the following...
  7. proxi

    Buy your RuneMate Cash w/ BTC, ETH, or LTC! *5% OFF*

    No longer doing this. Old thingy-loo below. I'm accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in exchance for RuneMate Cash (RMC). Transactions will be based off of the current USD and BTC/ETH/LTC exchange rates depicted on Google, with a 5% reduction in transaction cost (this is in your favor)...
  8. jack east

    RS3 Feather Buyer - Fishing Shops

    Cannot seem to find a feather buying bot which goes round the fishing shops to buy feathers which is surprising, i'd have thought it would be fairly simple. Any guidance or people willing to code one would be gr8! :)
  9. senit69


    Hello everybody, Im looking to buy some OSRS gold from reputable people within this community. Payment of choice would be RM but Paypal can be arranged as well. Post to the thread if you can help or send a DM. Thanks, Senit69
  10. S

    OSRS compost buyer - catherby, ardy and falador

    Hi! I was looking for a script that would buy compost from the farming stores in catherby, ardy and falador. If the stores are out of stock or only have like 100 left in stock the bot has to hop to an other world. Buying compost is a great way to make money these days.