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  1. cuppajava

    Cuppa Smelter AIO 1.1.3

    Smelt anything at many different furnaces. Supports bars, jewelry, glass, cannonballs and everything else. How to use: start the bot near the furnace to use optional: have a coal bag in your inventory if using it select desired options and click "Run" Supported Locations: Edgeville Furnace...
  2. mmaaikel

    Mmaaikel's Smelter BETA 0.2.14

    Mmaaikel's Smelter A new smelting bot for RuneMate! A free to use smelting bot which is still in beta, so it is possible that there are some bugs/errors. What does this bot support? Bronze bars Iron bars Silver bars Steel bars Gold bars Mithril bars Adamant bars Rune bars Cannon Balls...
  3. cantseemehomie

    OSRS OSRS Smelting + Cannonball Support

    I strongly believe a lot of players will benefit from this bot considering it is an effective money-making method. I would also gladly pay out of pocket for this to be made. Game type: Old School Bot Type: Smelting (furnace) Game Type: Old School Bot Type: Smelting with Cannonball support...