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  1. michael5555

    AIO Alcher Splasher Teleporter 1.0.95

    Perform any combination of alching, teleporting and splashing you could want for some ridiculous xp. Has the ability to toggle each mode on or off (i.e you can choose to just alch and teleport, or just to alch and splash etc) Features Any combination of alching/teleporting/splashing you could...
  2. vipertrek79

    OSRS Curse bot

    For OSRS. Very simple, needs to be able to pick a target, then select one or more curses to alternate through and curse said target. If any of the bot authors need more info just write here and I'll answer your questions :) Have a merry christmas and happy new year and stuff :P
  3. E

    OSRS Autocast, Confuse,Curse etc

    I'm looking for a script that auto Casts the spell confuse, or curse and other spells that can't be auto casted There might be a script already available but I can't seem to find it