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  1. J

    Resolved Getting vertices from default web

    I've tried to figure this out for a while now. Plz help This code Web web = new Web(); web.addVertices(Traversal.getDefaultWeb().getVertices()); throws this exception java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: This operation is only supported on local navigation graphs. at...
  2. american express

    Request [Megathread] Request Additions/Changes to Web Here

    If you would like to make a suggestion or help with a fix to the default web, please post in this thread using the following format: -- Obstacle name: The string of name exactly as seen in-game Obstacle primary location: The location of the object in it's default state Obstacle primary action...
  3. seathe

    Bug walking from Varrock east bank to Varrock east mines.

    so when i use the default web in Osrs to walk from varrock east bank to the east mines, it starts spam clicking on the stairs that are in the bank, is there a way i can stop it from doing this?