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  1. T

    Bug ChromeBook

    I know chromebooks are shitty but thats all i got. ANY WAY to download it on chromebook? can't figure it out. any help would be appreciated.
  2. B

    Resolved Client uninstalled when closed for update

    And now I am unable to download, "Failed-Insufficient Permissions," I am tracking 107 of my 200 hours for the month, I am a supporter (I think, I do have money in my Runemate Wallet), thanks for the help admins!
  3. pickie

    Bug Keeps Trying to Update when I start

    Hello everyone. Long time User. I never had this problem on my old computer. But what keeps happening is, RuneMate keeps trying to upgrade its self every time I start it. I am using the most recent version, and even run it as Admin. Below is what it keeps doing to me. Every time I try and run...
  4. wifty31

    Runemate ruined my other games

    Downloaded Runemate because it seemed liable, worked great in OSRS but when I was done and uninstalled it made my other games glitch out. It's like the bot is still trying to take over my computer even though it's gone. My keyboard will not work for about 5 seconds and it will strafe one way...
  5. W

    Bug Problem installing on windows 10

    When trying to install the program, it closes itselft after downloading the 56 mb of the java TM enviroment. I tried a lot of times but the problem it's still going. I already tried uninstalling java an then running the program, but it doesn't work. If somebody knows why is this happening...
  6. W

    Resolved jagex-jav//oldschool1.runescape.com/jav_config.ws.

    jagex-jav//oldschool1.runescape.com/jav_config.ws. Thats what runemate told me to do when i tryed to load oldschool I have linux ubo and i cant seem to download runescape client also