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  1. microsoft

    Question for those using Nano Dungeoneering

    Hey guys, I've been using Nano Dungeoneering for a while now, but I'm not getting any good XP/hour [max 20k/hour] My dung level is between 60-70, and Im maxed on Strength, Defence, Ranged and Hitpoints Currently I'm using the following Dungeoneering setup: Hard Mode: No Party Size Difficulty...
  2. ingeniuz

    RS3 Dungeoneering Rush Bot

    Hello guys, Is someone able to make a dungeoneering bot that rushes (atleast) first 30 floors? I don't think it would be really hard since it only takes keys and fights.
  3. P

    [RS3] Any news on the following bots?

    Hey guys...just wondering if anyone is working on the following bots: Dungeoneering Slayer Pest Control
  4. Y

    RS3 private dung script

    Hi, I have a request for a custom dungeoneering script that i would be happy to pay for
  5. B

    RS3 Dungeoneering Bot

    Hey guys, I believe we are in need of a Dungeoneering bot! I heard there was one in progress about 6 months ago, but nothing more was heard. Anyone know?
  6. B

    RS3 Dungeoneering Bot

    Would be amazing if there was a dungeoneering bot
  7. wblackhawks

    RS3 1 Def. Account for Sale (One 99)

    Looking to sell my RS3 account. Total level is over 1200... Absolutely no infractions/mutes/anything in history on the account... Has Chaotic Maul and Rapier as well as Gravite Rapier and 2H. Only has about 750k worth of items/gold on it. Kind of an oddball account for RS3... I loved...
  8. doppelganger

    UltraDungeon ~ development thread

    THE BOT IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR TESTING (ALPHA VERSION) ON THE SDN! Some of you may remember me from various other sites (rsbot, rsbuddy) under the nickname 'Alla'. I've been absent from the whole botting scene lately as I've been busy with a hectic university life. However, now I'm back and...