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  1. dahnae

    Dan Drift Net Fisher 1.0.14

    Fully automated drift net fishing on the fossil island underwater region. This bot is the best xp/hr when you need both fishing and hunter exp. If you have questions/requests, you can join my discord Requirements : Bone Voyage quest for access to the fossil island Flippers, Fishbowl helmet...
  2. B

    OSRS Herbivores script

    Was just wondering if anyone is in the works of making a herbivor script The one in store is outta date and not working I think it’s a great hunting method for ironmen to obtain herbs and with decent xp/hr with atleast 300k a hr profit and a fair chance of getting a pet Thanks
  3. A

    Resolved No hunting bots are working

    No hunting bots are working. They can walk around but can´t place traps automaticly
  4. lucassousa

    RS3 Botting at Grenwalls (hunting tip)

    Q.: Why hunt grenwalls? A.: Fast exp. Grenwalls are animals found on Tirannwn area and give us one the best way to reach hunt 99/120/200m exp. Each grenwall catched gives 1k+ exp. Very good for levels 89-99+ training; Cool cash. When you hunt a grenwall you rececive some herbs, anytimes pawya...