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  1. goody599

    Making a bot with Genetic Algorithms to continually evolve

    Hey, been around and have previously done a lot of work using both ML, DL focusing on Genetic algorithms at uni for robotic purposes. Kinda curious as to how feasible it would to make a bot to use these algorithms and methods because I reckon we could make it mimic a humans actions perfectly...
  2. colton hamm

    Question Failed to bind to the game client because of an agentinitializationexception

    So here's the problem. I can run the bot normally when I am not using my VPN. When I turn on the VPN I get the following notification in the Runemate client. Any idea on how to fix this? I have no clue where to start and could not find any cases like this regarding a VPN. Thanks, bump
  3. gengsta

    RS3 A few ideas

    Sup, I was trying out a few different skills today to train for my botaccount and got a few ideas. (rs3) * A working fletcher, which would operate from just standing in the bank. As explained in the side-note if you have a portable nearby you don't actually need to leave the bank. (I know Alpha...
  4. infidelallah

    Suggestion Client Feature Ideas -> Post Spectre

    Pushbullet / SMS alerts: Because constant feedback (high) from seeing bigger numbers in video games while at school and work could never possibly be a bad idea. Disable Rendering: Save resources Client Side "paint"/Display ( Side Bar with tabs): No Paint, Have a client sidebar like OSRS...