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  1. L

    Noble 1 Tick Cooker 1.1.3

    Cooks karambwan for fast cooking exp at the rogue hideout in Burthope. Requirements: Start in tile next to banker in front of fire in rogue hideout burthorpe Have Raw karambwan in bank (obviously) Have Direct Input enabled in settings (Runemate -> Edit > Preferences -> Scroll down to Advanced...
  2. aidden

    MaxiCooker 1 Tick 1.1.25

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Cooks Karambwan using the 1 tick method. This is the fastest cooking xp in the game. Up to 900k xp/hr Requirements Level 30 Cooking Completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest - You must talk to the Tinsay after the quest to unlook...
  3. aidden

    MaxiCooker 2.9.23

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Supported foods Wine Jug of wine Wine of zamorak Fish Shrimps Sardine Anchovies Herring Mackerel Trout Cod Pike Salmon Slimy eel Karambwan Tuna Rainbow fish Cave eel Lobster Bass Swordfish Lava eel Monkfish Shark Sea turtle...
  4. jourikoks

    OSRS Buying Karambwans (150gp each) Sells for (1,2k each)

    This is a great moneymaking method, you need only to do the quest "Tai Bwo Wannai Trio" for it. Is it possible to create a bot for it? It is not 1m an hour anymore but still around 350k an hour Is there someone who can create this bot? Is there a bot author who can write a bot for it? @Aidden...