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  1. aaronstrack

    Resolved Game keeps logging out

    I've noticed that every time i use a bot and go aft to watch a movie or something but come back 10 minutes later , my runescape game has logged out to the login screen, essentially i might as well train manually haha is there anything I'm missing that keeps the game logged in while using the client?
  2. D

    Resolved Why will the client not re-log my account after it logs out??

    Since the Christmas update, my client no longer is able to go through the longin handler etc. (so therefore my bots can only last 6 hours tops, some of them not even that such as litefisher). I have double checked my passwords and username information in the account selection. please give me...
  3. ichaseexp

    Resolved doesnt log back in after 6hrs

    title says all... running mass fighter script lately an doesn't re log in after 6 hrs... it use to work like last week but now its all messed up an wont re log back in please respond and fix thanks again thats the mass fighter script an wont re log in after 6 hr .... this is on osrs btw