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  1. R

    Selling lvl 125 osrs account

    Hello. I finally quit runescape. I am selling my osrs account (plus has a level 129 on rs3). I will provide original recoveries and old passwords. we can write a contract if you want to feel more secure about the account. -5 99’s -farm pet (super rare) -84 con for pool and jewelry box...
  2. dandelions

    RS3 2800+ total lvl, 138 combat lvl, 10+ years, all skills 99+, PRE-ARCH MAXED

    Hello guys, i'm an old RS3 player that recently returned to Runescape to explore the new skill. Though I don't find myself playing this game as much as I used to, and I think i might wanna sell it for the right price. Game Type (RS3/OSRS): RS3 Asking Price: Negotiable Account Details: 800m+...
  3. young money

    Botting To Max

    Salut tout le monde :) J'ai décidé de créer un nouveau compte et je souhaite utiliser RuneMate au maximum. J'espère ne sera pas interdit : p Voici une liste de bot que j'utilise: Extraction: ApexMinner PRO Forge: AUCUNE DISPONIBLE /! \ Pêche: Prime Fishing Cuisson: QuickCook Fabrication de...
  4. chaotic cbow

    OSRS Chaotic's Road to Max Main

    :D CHAOTIC'S RUNEMATE ADVENTURE :D Hey mates! I'd like to create this thread for the pure reason of seeing my own progress using bots made from our lovely bot authors. To see if a max main is possible to achieve in the treacherous Jmod osrs worlds. :rolleyes: I believe my experience can also...
  5. B

    Bug Cant Start Instances, Hit Limit

    The client RuneMate client says I've hit my max instances (2), even though I currently have zero running. Help? Already tried restarting/resetting everything. Thanks much!
  6. dylan turner

    Ironman Road to Max with Runemate

    Dylaster4's Road to Ban Hello i am making this thread so i can keep track of my progress mainly for myself but also to show off to you guys. I will be updating this weekly to let youknow what i have been doing with my accounts, and posting progress reports of scripts i have been using and...