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  1. dark sage

    Misfits Revenants BETA 1.0.beta.5

    Supports Ether Charged Bows and Mace - will Recharge and activate them Ether bracelet will always be set to absorb ether from revs - will un-charge, and recharge with lessor ether counts if it reaches over 1k charges Enemy Tracking services - Optional but Highly recommended - Allows all users to...
  2. wait

    NMZ Mate 1.3.7

    Formerly Prime NMZ - a smart, safe, and feature-rich Nightmare Zone bot! Supports all Prime NMZ features!
  3. panpetter111


    Selling my acc 70hp Has member on it NMZ Ready Pm me for more questions and price bump bump
  4. abysm


    nevermind you can delete this thread
  5. thegaryrobson

    Melee Training

    Hi Guys, I'm sure this has probably been asked a few times so I do apologise. Using RM, what's the best script to use and what's the best NPC to use it on?