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  1. K

    I have a suspicion on how Jagex determines who are bots or not.

    I have an account where I play myself more often than botting. When I am botting I'm always watching it to ensure nothing goes wrong. I have noticed, that whenever I'm using bots, I get a disproportionately more amount of those NPC's spawning in trying to get me to do tasks or puzzles. I rarely...
  2. C

    Question How to interact with the bank or with an NPC as soon as possible?

    Hey guys, I am currently working on my very first RuneMate bot and I keep running into problems when trying to make the bot interact with the bank before my player actually reached it. If the bank is near my player but not visible, I want the bot to turn the camera to the bank and then interact...
  3. breakjaw

    Resolved NPC dismisser

    I have been baby sitting a few of my accounts and have recently noticed that they sometimes ignore the NPC dismiss. They do not interact with the random event at all at times, which is concerning. I reached out to the specific bot authors and they informed me that its a "Runemate" issue, so I...
  4. C

    Question NPC chat interaction

    I've had a look around and I can't find anything to help with talking to npcs, such as quest givers. Are there any basic examples of going through an npc chat dialog? Preferably using a treebot.
  5. K

    Question Npc interface help

    Hello, I am currently developing a bot that will cut mahogany at the hardwood grove in karamja and then bank these logs using "Rionasta" the NPC. I am struggling with developing the interface for him. My java knowledge is not super. The right click action needed is "Send-parcel". Thanks any help...
  6. maskedmouse

    Bug [OSRS] Actor Health percentage seems incorrect

    RuneMate Version: 2.56.0 Affected Games: OSRS (not sure about RS3) Been working on a hobby project where I am writing a bot that kills chickens. I'm trying to determine whether the chicken has died which I tried doing by several different ways. Though I stumbled upon something that may be a...
  7. youramazingames

    Resource NPC Interact Script for easy use

    Hello, So while i was making my new Questing bot i realized i needed an easy way to interact/talk with NPCs and navigate the menu and select the correct responses to forward the quest. So i created this class to do just that. It is very easy to use and has not failed me yet. (If there are bugs...
  8. A

    Rejected Toggle NPC Dismisser

    Hello, I am using the bot for few weeks and so far everything is on 5/5 stars. I have one suggestion: I think if I could control (by a switch: on/off) on the NPC dismisser it could add more "human" factor to the complex of the bot client. I mean, if I am near the computer while the bot is on, a...