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  1. N

    OSRS Selling quested 2 def

    Selling a 2 def pure, $16 paypal takes it 14 Days Membership DT MM1 Mith Gloves Bearhead 80 Mage 36 HP
  2. L

    OSRS Osrs Pure account 70 magic, 52 prayer

    Selling osrs pure account 70 magic and 52 of prayer
  3. U

    OSRS Selling Zulrah starters/ranged pures

    Account Shop! Available accounts in stock -> 1x 67def 73rgd 75mg 36m ea 2x 68def 73rgd 75mg 36m ea 1x 68def 74rgd 75mg 37m ea 3x 69def 73rgd 75mg 38m ea 1x 70def 73rgd 73mg 37m ea 5x70def 74rgd 75mg 40m ea 23x 70def...
  4. K

    Best p2p pure Rng/Str bot?

    hey guys,currently in the making of doing DT, Was just curious on some good scripts/places to train .. Just going for roughly mid 80s.. will only be running script 2/4h day stats 50attk 71str 76range 1Def Thanks in advance
  5. R

    OSRS obby mauler 1/61/1 great pker name

    got a 1/61/1 obby mauler greak pk name currently just training str has mem so will go up as the days go on no bans/mutes/or black marks no registered email or recover no bank pin. will take cash app or osrs gp send me an offer have a discord as well if wanna message through there for pics
  6. turbotree

    OSRS Got 2 def on my pure, what now?

    Any real suggestions? was done by accident
  7. teerollah

    OSRS (SOLD) Selling Max 60 attack 1 def pure / full quested

    Gonna be leaving for the military and will not have time to use this account. Its f2p rn and just sitting around doing nothing, so why not get rid of it? new to this account selling thing so we can discuss over skype or discord -easily convertable to zerker or any def required pure -fully...
  8. huntiebooboo

    OSRS looking for pking acct

    Looking for osrs account with 99 range, high hp, etc. good for pking, let me know what you've got and how much!
  9. C

    OSRS Pest Control Barrier Repairer

    I am seeking a script that supports barrier and gate repair. This is favorable because you don't gain hp experience which is great for building low level pures. I am willing to pay for this service. If there is a bot like this anywhere please point me in the right direction! Thanks in advance.
  10. S

    OSRS Castle Wars Minigame

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to wiki: Castle Wars Summary: Castle wars has recently been buffed and all the Castle wars items are much more affordable bot will work as follows: Start out in the Castle Wars lobby Join a Portal (option to randomise or choose just 1) play the game either by attacking or...
  11. P

    OSRS Pure Account [F2P] 99 Fletching

    Like title says, selling OSRS Range/2h pure combat 52, comes with 99 fletching cape in bank, account comes with email and password. 20QP including animal magnetism, dwarf cannon, waterfall, priest in peril. nothing fancy in bank worth about 500k. Msg for more details , looking for about 50m...
  12. E

    AFK Range training(1def)

    Hello, So I'm making a range pure currently F2P and I would like to know a good afk bot spot. A solution to this would be Flesh Crawlers, Moss Giants I can safe spot these but a bot doesn't know how to safe spot. So I need to find lower leveled monsters which won't kill me if I run out of food...
  13. D

    Q: How should I make my account?

    I would like to ask you guys what type of pure should i make my account? I want to play on Bounty Worlds (so I wanna PK), but I am not really into Questing -tbh i hate quests- So i need an account who can kill but dont need to do many quests! I dont care about leveling up my stats by killing...
  14. C

    OSRS Rockcrabs script BANKING/REFRESH!

    hello to anyone reading this post. After trying to use neally all the combat scripts on numerous occasions for my 1 defence pure none of them work efficiently. Im currently pleading for a rockcrab or experiment script to be added with banking and refreshing, food/pots/teleports supported...