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  1. E

    OSRS MM1 Chinning bot

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a bot to run chinchompas in the mm1 tunnels, I would just use teleport tabs to ape atoll/wherever for banking. This is my first bot request so if any further details or information is required ill be happy to add anything needed or answer any questions. If...
  2. dark sage

    Misfits Cooker 2.10.4

    Locations : - Rogues den (must start near the correct area) - Hosidius oven (can start anywhere on Kourend) - Al Kharid (can start anywhere in F2P) - Catherby (recommend starting closer to here then al kharid) - Fossil island camp (beta) (only supports walking from within the camp) - Myths...
  3. drop of faith

    OSRS Cannon Bot

    If someone could make a working decent cannon bot that would be awesome!
  4. J

    buying osrs range tank

    buying a osrs range tank must have decent levels/quests already done. will pay money irl or osrs gold. I also have a rs3 main account 99 magic/90 strength/87atk/84 def. would trade for another account aswell. thank you
  5. therealginger

    OSRS Zmz rangingpotion/mage halp!

    soive been using divine nmz like crazy its insanely perfect! but i really need to train range and mage was gonna ask does either prime nmz or divine have this ranging/maging potion option? maybe im just missing it or something? lemme know cuz this feature would litterally make this the best bot...
  6. huntiebooboo

    OSRS looking for pking acct

    Looking for osrs account with 99 range, high hp, etc. good for pking, let me know what you've got and how much!
  7. george1996

    thinking about selling my 90 range 45 def account with jad pet and few fire capes... 81 cb.....

    how much would people be willing to pay as in (u) inbox me for more details on the account. looking for gold or a irl payment method with no delay for the cash....cheers
  8. con100

    OSRS Combat Training (Duel Arena)

    Hi all! I'm not sure if anyone will even be able to create what I'm about to explain. But I've got to ask... I'm very interested in this method and the fact it can be used on F2P and is very cheap. Game Mode: OSRS Summary: 2 accounts required! Both accounts to start at duel arena, one which...
  9. E

    AFK Range training(1def)

    Hello, So I'm making a range pure currently F2P and I would like to know a good afk bot spot. A solution to this would be Flesh Crawlers, Moss Giants I can safe spot these but a bot doesn't know how to safe spot. So I need to find lower leveled monsters which won't kill me if I run out of food...
  10. P

    RS3 Simple darkscape mage/range training bot.

    This bot would be located at Combat Training Camp Area is unlocked after completing Plague city & Biohazard. There are several 56 level ogres in cage that can be killed really easily since they have only 200lifepoints. There are 8 ogres and spawn time is 50seconds. No food / looting required.