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  1. joetheblack

    OSRS Selling BULK feathers for 3GP each

    Hey everyone:) If anyone is interested in buying feathers, I sell them in bulk for 3gp each! PM me here or in Discord: Vodka2010#4006 30m in stock Bump! Bump! 30m in stock!
  2. twit4erss

    Twitch Sub 0.25 Twitch/Amazon Prime Loot 0.2

    I'm sell accounts for Amazon Gaming and Twitch Sub Price Sub: 1-5 sub: 0.27$ 5-20 sub: 0.26$ 20-80 sub: 0.25$ 80-150: 0.24$ 150-1000+: 0.23$ Amazon Gaming loot price: 0.2$ - for any games Because I'm a new user, I'm ready to be the first to send accounts, but in a small amount of 5-20 pieces...
  3. braw

    Selling rsgp cheap for BTC [not reseller]

    Selling rsgp for the lowest rates. All the gold i sell has been earned by me in the game, i dont resell gold. Willing to do multiple small trades. Rates and stock changes every day, so just ask me on discord for info. Currently: 1m = 0.54€ Stock: 180m
  4. C

    OSRS Selling Blast Furnace Account 85 Smithing 20M Bank, ready to start smithing runite bars.

    Selling Blast Furnace Account 85 Smithing 20M Bank, ready to start smithing runite bars. * The account comes with original email (unverified). * Coal Bag + Ice Gloves * Hand Trained * No Ban
  5. B

    After 1 day of using Runemate, my account got hacked

    So I just created a new account to play OSRS on my phone, and was looking into using Runemate. I tried a bot for a few minutes but it didn't work so I was like 'Oh well, guess it's not for me'. Then I could not log in anymore because apparently I was still logged in, so I changed my password...
  6. wet rag

    ★ Wet Rag's RM Credit Swap ★

    Please join the following discord. Join the Service Hub Discord Server! Current Rates: 2M = $1
  7. senit69


    Hello everybody, Im looking to buy some OSRS gold from reputable people within this community. Payment of choice would be RM but Paypal can be arranged as well. Post to the thread if you can help or send a DM. Thanks, Senit69
  8. im not a bot i swear

    Selling Close to Max Account

    I have an account almost maxed here, has drygores, full malevolent, and a bunch of other items, i dont have a picture of the bank because the account was in a payment dispute by jagex and they want me to purchase jcoins in order to allow myself to login, which I refuse to pay a company twice...
  9. C

    Sell accs tut island done and pure - STR - FISH - WC - MINI

    I will send your accounts first, pay me when you're happy. All accounts are located in Lumbridge and will last at least 9 days. Lvl 3 Acc's Tut Done 70k each Lvl 3 Acc's Tut Done + Membership 2m each Str Pure Account 2m each skype: Service24x7 Discord: Service24x7#4083
  10. colonosial

    RS3 Buying RS3 Acc

    Buying a high level RS3 account, cb level 135 and skills greater than 2000, can be bit lower. I want someone thats reasonably verified and I obviously want the original owner. I have bought accounts before and as such I know methods to being able to verify information provided is correct and...
  11. watertao876

    OSRS Account evaluating

    Im bad at evaluating my accounts price or anything even close to that, so if someone knows about this stuff help me get a value for this OSRS main, not planning to sell yet, just getting a sniff around. Quest points: 250, Got a fire cape banked.
  12. dinosawrex

    RS3 Selling RS3 Gold!

    Stock: 100M Send Offers Via PM Please. Payments via : Only Bitcoins, Paypal can be negotiable with Supporters Sold
  13. J

    RS3 Selling account | Combat lvl 67 | Empty Bank | no bans/ mutes | Not botted!

    I used to play old school back in the day. But then it updated to crappy RS3 (my opinion). So back to OS07 aha. Only thing is, I have an old runescape account that I don't want. Bank is empty except untradeables. Accepting minimum $70. Will work out payment site etc as I wont do just a paypal...
  14. aexioo

    OSRS Selling LoL account (Skin list below) $Cheap$ [PAYPAL]

    Hey there you all, I just wanted to let you guys know I'm selling my (EUW) League of Legends account. Down below will be info of the account including champions owned+ skins owned. NOT SELLING FOR HIGH PRICE Champions without skins: Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Jarvan IV, Jax...