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  1. swatarinaess

    Cannonball Ventures [PAID] 2.0.1

    How to use: Start logged in at the bank. Have the lightest possible Armour Have Steel bars (noted) & (double) ammo-mould in the inventory. Supported Locations: Edgeville
  2. dahnae

    Dan Blast Furnace 2.1.15

    This bot is no longer supported, I am keeping it up because it seems to still work for some people. I highly recommend that you try out my Giant's Foundry bot for some sweet smithing EXP! This is the trial version, limited at 7h/week, of the premium version If you have questions/requests, you...
  3. 4

    Question How to make gold bracelets at furnace

    Hi guys, so I've been working on a gold bracelet making bot. Here is the function used to smelt once the bot has detected a full inventory of gold bars and a mould: public void execute() { GameObject furnace =...
  4. J

    RS3 Runescape 3 Smelter??

    Hey guys, Does anyone know of a working Runescape 3 smelter post-rework?? It would be great after mining a ton of ores with the miners. lol Let me know if you know of anything or are perhaps working on one! Or maybe someone could show me how to create a randomized gold smelting with...
  5. cheder33

    OSRS Smelting Bot?

    Strange to see that there is no smelting bots, i think myself and a few other would find something like this quite helpful. Just something that smelts all the basic ores. (Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mith, Adam and Rune)
  6. cantseemehomie

    OSRS OSRS Smelting + Cannonball Support

    I strongly believe a lot of players will benefit from this bot considering it is an effective money-making method. I would also gladly pay out of pocket for this to be made. Game type: Old School Bot Type: Smelting (furnace) Game Type: Old School Bot Type: Smelting with Cannonball support...