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  1. michael5555

    Mikes Mage Bankstander 1.5.64

    Setup Start the bot with the required runes or runes in rune pouch. Start at any bank with the supplies ready Features Support for every single bank standing spell in the game. If I am missing one feel free to shoot me a message and I'll add support for it Supports rune pouch, all staves...
  2. aidden

    MaxiFletcher 2.7.28

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Features Arrows Arrow shafts Bolts Bolt tips Bows Bows (u) Crossbows Crossbows (u) Crossbow stocks Darts Grapples Javelins Stocks Tipped bolts including the tipped Dragon bolts MaxiBots features Activity system Configure as many...
  3. L

    RS3 Amulet Stringer

    Would anyone be willing to make a bot that strings unstrung amulets?