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  1. swych

    Hexis Pest Control 3.1.0

    Hexis Pest Control PRO Completes Pest Control. Featured-packed. Highly customisable. All Landers, Dharoks, Quick-Prayers, and more! Only carry your special attack weapon (if using one) and your potions. Carrying any other items may result in unexpected behavior.
  2. S

    Ironman [S] OSRS ironman! 4PETS, 1400 TOTAL + ALL VOIDS!

    Hello guys! So iam selling osrs zerker/voider with nice stats and it got 4 pets (Hunter,Thieving,Mining,Agility)! Account is ironman but it can be take off if you dont wanna be ironman. Iam the original owner of the account and when you buy it you get the original email! Account got tons of...
  3. party

    Prime NMZ 4.8.7

    Prime NMZ is the most advanced NMZ bot on the market, boasting a plethora of features to carry your account into the next world. Feature List: Dream and Boss selection. Intelligent Rock Cake & Rapid Heal support. Protect from Melee support. Highly configurable Melee & Ranged support...
  4. sysm

    OSRS ★Sysm AIO Service★ [Questing/Power Leveling/Mini Games] [400+ off-site feedback!]

    ^Click to add my Skype ^ Quests: Black Knights' Fortress - 250K Cook's Assistant - 100k Demon Slayer - 400K Doric's Quest - 100K Dragon Slayer - 1500K Ernest the Chicken - 400K Goblin Diplomacy - 150K Imp Catcher - 100K The Knight's Sword - 300K Pirate's Treasure - 250K Prince Ali Rescue...