anyone read this before about jagexs cluster flutter etc

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    I find it funny how Jagex actually considers that (well, according to this article). And honestly, it's not the only permanent solution by any means.
  2. Reminder to self to transcribe.
  3. Whats is this about? :p cant read it atm :D
  4. Looks serious:eek:
  5. Transcribed 2/3 of it. Will post when it's all completed. Need to head out for a few hours though.
  6. its a solution for them to keep their revenue up.
  7. so jamflex is gonna make it possible to buy gold directly from them, cannot even take them seriously if they decide to pursue the idea lmfao
  8. This is as predictable as it can get. They use big words like "integrity" and "longevity" to get players to feel like they are going to do this just to stop the botters and goldfarmers, and push more micros-transactions because it is the "only" and "right" thing to do.

    From a quick skim:
    • They think they can combat color bots easily by changing color palettes of objects, and making very small changes invisible to the human eye.
    • They plan to kill reflection bots which sounds something similar to Bot Nuke Day (taking out bots for 1-3 years)
    Though I doubt Jagex will do anything.
  9. Yes and no. Can you imagine the amount of hate they will get for doing something like this? People will quit.

    If Jagex destroys bots they will lose roughly half of their playerbase, and I'm guessing also about half of their revenue. No way in hell they're doing that.
  10. i played a game where i spent about 4500$ a friend spent 15k lol ppl hate that game cuz its p2w they try to say its now
  11. At the end of the day they just need to make up some nonsense about removing bots from the game just to keep 50% of their fan base happy.
  12. Tis why I say I doubt Jagex will do anything.

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