Banned ? Here's what you should do !

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you got banned, but hopefully you've atleast learned something from it ;)
    I'll be sharing some of my knowledge regarding bans on how to get started after you got banned.
    Note that a few of the below steps are confirmed ways to get unflagged, and some are just theories I've found.

    1. Clear all your browser cookies [if you played Runescape within any browser]
    2. Clear your Jagex Cache [confirmed flagging method]
    3. Use private SOCKS5 Proxies [Uses a private IP] or Reset your IP if your's dynamic [Dynamic and Static IP Address Differences]
    4. Spoof your MAC or HWID* [unconfirmed flagging method]
    5. Bot safely/smart: How to bot safely | Community | RuneMate
    6. Last but not least, try to find out why you got banned. [People talking to you in-game, unstable bot, etc...]
    7. Try to babysit your bot: How to "babysit" your bot[s] when AFK | Community | RuneMate

    * Apparently, this is a way for Jagex to identify you.
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  2. thanks for this
  3. Nice guide! I don't play rs anymore so I wouldn't know the botting situation atm, but this shit looks legit.
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  4. Looking good.
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  5. Just applied some of these. Thanks @Microsoft.
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  6. Nice guide mate, I've never thought of some of these. :)
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  7. For the sock proxies, Do I need to plug these into my browser to get them to work or where do I use them?

    For some reason, they do not work when I try to plug them into the proxy settings on the client.
  8. Good guide; thanks.
  9. You'll need to add them to the client as seen in the image below, and not your browser.
    Make sure you test your proxies before using them ;)
  10. Thank you very much :) I guess all of the proxies I tried were dead.

    Ill be sure to bookmark that website
  11. Your welcome buddy :D
  12. Great guide.
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  13. Great Guide, thanks for this read through it, helped a lot!:)

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