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  1. ik keep getting banned after a few hours
    anyone got some good tips for me?
    thank you
  2. Dont bot with new accounts
    do some quests with them and level a bit manually
  3. for how long?
    i also have an other account wich is almost 7 years old i bot on this one what are my changes of getting caught?
  4. At least in RS3, I always play legit a week or two, just train some skills like WC to like 40 or so, do simple quests, chat a little etc.
    About that 7 years I am not sure, might be good but on the other hand Jagex may only look for pure playtime.
    Also don't bot one thing for too long. Bot WCing for I'd say 3 hours, then make a pause, then bot fishing, then combat. Not very important what you bot, but the diversity is.

    Also, I do not know if the statements above are correct, neither do I guarantee safety using this, but, however, I have never been banned since I use this strategy.
  5. One tip I can give you is to use an adapting strategy.
    If/when you get banned, think about what may have caused it and change that bit up.

    For example, if you bot an account 7 days a week, 6 hours a day doing Woodcutting and it gets banned, possibly make the botting schedule not so uniform, and train a variety of skills.
    If you get banned straight after account creation, see if using the Official RuneScape Client yields different results.

    It may take a little while, but in the end you'll end up with a decent strategy that will reduce the rate of which you get banned by a fair amount, if not completely :D
  6. Not getting caught is quite easy if you stick to these rules, they work for me.

    1. Buy older accounts that are at least 1-2years old preferably.
    2. Be a member / P2P
    2. Bot for 24hours and rarely turn them off.

    This may sound obvious/dumb however I have found multiple times that botting for 24hour non stop on an older account who is also a member seems to get away with botting for days/weeks/ possibly months. i'll rarely get banned however with those same accounts that run for weeks on end, if i log one off for a lengthy period (say 4hours+) on trying to login again the account is banned. Whilst other accounts on the same IP who are still running for the same duration of which were NOT logged out for 4 hours... remain untouched to this day.

    People that suggest to take breaks are wrong, I had multiple accounts take breaks which were all banned within a few week much the same as the ones that run for 24 hours, by taking breaks you are only reducing your gains and not reducing accounts risk IMO.

    I should also note that im not using runemate atm, i can't seem to run an account for longer than a day with any script bot on runemate without getting banned.
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