Bot saftey here?

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  1. What's the safety of using Runemate instead of say powerbot? does it have antibans? and atipatterns?
  2. As it currently stands RuneMate is pretty much undetectable on the client level, the only thing you would need to look out for is broken scripts bots and possible behaviors related to those. What sets RM apart from all the other bots is 'clouse' otherwise known as cloud mouse, a mouse system which can mimic a user's mouse patterns and therefore bypass Jagex's detection algorithms.

    You can read more about this the safety of the bot here:

    Antiban patterns not good at reducing ban rates, mouse is kind of like an antiban & antipattern itself, you should avoid broken scripts bots, RuneMate is the best bot out there.
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  3. So how is maxibonfires going? that's what i'd be using.
  4. Maxibonfires was working okay when I was using it like a month ago, it had troubles where it would stop functioning but I'm not sure where its at right now. As for ban rates it a pretty unique script bot so even if it did malfunction it wouldn't get you banned.
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  5. I haven't heard of any bans at all. Friends of mine have been botting (some even suicide) for weeks.
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  6. I start the script bot at shantay pass and it does nothing.. says opening bank but never does..
  7. What type of Bank is at shantay pass? Does it have the action Bank and a standard name or it is custom?
  8. It's a chest, a one click bank i'll test varrock now:)
  9. Nope, still does nothing but stand there doing nothing, status says opening bank and the runtimes going up nothing else
  10. It even walks to the bank if i start outside of it, it just will not open it :(
  11. Hi there, thanks for TRYING to use my script bot. This bug seems to be a new one as it was working fine a week or 2 ago. Unfortunately i don't finish my exams till the 7th so i wasn't planning on performing any updates until then, however if i get some time later today i'll take a quick look into it and see if i can fix it for you.
  12. Thank you so much kind sir.
  13. The only thing you should be wary of is faulty scripts bots, but I don't think you'll find many of those as the authors are quite active. :)
  14. I would say that RuneMate is very safe. I've tested it out by suiciding botting gold farming on F2P accounts.
    RS3: Managed to achieve 10M GP at popular F2P botting spots. No skilling or chatting. Not banned.
    OSRS: Suicided woodcutting level 1 to 70, got banned but I do believe it has something to do with my VPS IP. I ran one on my own PC and it isn't banned yet. I even have a 16 hour proggy for it.

    I've also botted casually on my main on RS3 and no issues at all. The bot is very good and we have some very experienced developers.
  15. I have to say. RuneMate is the best bot i have ever used. My main still isnt banned. Botted herblore, fletching to 95 then ran out of money so now i am gonna make some moeniz :D

  16. I suicide bot, I don't suicide bot, I bot safely, I don't give two shits.
    RuneMate has been safe regardless.
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