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Fight until your heart gives out

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    Dawg Fighter - Fight until your heart gives out

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  2. Awesome! :)

    Quick edit with a list of feature requests:
    • Potion support that detects the one you have in your inventory and drinks them based on whether you can use the boost / prayer points.
    • Alching support with perhaps a list of items that you want to loot and alch.
    • Arrow/Throwing knife stack looting that can detect 5 or 10+ so you won't loot the individual items.
    • Bones to peaches support, a very oldschool way of doing aviansies.
    @awesome123man for the mention :)
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  3. RS3. Doesnt do anything? "Currently: Staring bot". Yes, starting is misspelled :D
  4. Thanks for the release man! keep up the hard work!
  5. It just says "Currently staring bot"
  6. Nice going man, can you add prayer/restore pot support? would help massively on black demons task
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  7. Are you using it in osrs or rs3? if rs3 how did you get it to work?
  8. I havent used it yet,i plan to use for osrs. im just throwing an idea in threre
  9. Rofl! My bad, and can i see your set up?
    Make sure you set the center coordinate and radius or else it wont attack anything.
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    Wow thanks for the great ideas! I will get to work on them! :D
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  10. That'd be lovely and I think those are quite unique features.
  11. Confirmed rs3 isnt working. Looking into it. OSRS is working though.
  12. It seems to have a problem with my legendary pet in rs3, just hovers it after finishing settings
  13. Huh, well I do know this bot is better on osrs. It usually takes a while to do stuff, but I suggest putting your pet away.
  14. Hey man, one thing I would love to see from this bot is having randomized break handler options. (Choose from 10 minutes to 20 minutes and randomizing breaks within that timeframe)
  15. ill use this once it can bank :D
  16. You realize I am accepting requests for banking, you need to tell me which to add.
  17. ooo no i didnt realize that, thanks for letting me know! :)

    would you be able to add Varrock west bank, and Ardougne north bank :)
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