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    My Work: (More will be added whenever I finish anything)
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    Also check out @SlashnHax 's GFX shop here
    and @Publisher 's GFX shop here

    Thanks for checking out my shop, hope you buy something :)
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  2. Could you do an example of a lion and a Scotland flag ? avatar and possibly siggy too.
  3. So you want a lion on top of a Scotland flag?
  4. It doesn't have to be on top of it, i'm not very creative minded just whatever you think would look best i'm not sure if it's possible but i think it'd look really cool if either the flag or the lion were transparent :)
  5. I tried. Trust me. But I can't find a way to make it look good. I tried different ways to implement a lion into a Scotland flag, but none came out well.
  6. No worries mate, thanks for the effort keep up the practice and you'll get the hang of it no time ;)
  7. +1 vouche for Dells shop made me a lion and Scotland flag!
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